[Hpn] Re: HPN BOUNCE -- PIG ISSUE -- Denver Homicides -- basic griping... griping...

chance martin streetsheet@sf-homeless-coalition.org
Sun, 05 Nov 2000 13:28:07 -0700

ok, Tom. sorry I didn't chunk it up for ya... hell, just getting it all
together can be a task. I'll put it up today if the game gets boring.

I'm also kinda burned out and cranky lately.

So, the PIG ISSUE (because everyone knows what issues from a pig) is taking
another shot at Los Angeles, via our favorite corporate whore -- Ted Hayes.
Birds of a feather will flock together was what I learned as a child.

Who knows? Maybe ol' Ted WILL one day be installed as the most excellent
Federal Grand Poo-bah of Homelessness. And maybe he'll inherit Monica's
presidential knee-pads to accessorize with his Elvis costume.

Maybe then we'll see little Dome Villages popping up like malignant
toadstools in cities across the U.S. -- rows upon rows of barracks for the
legions of homeless people who will be assimilated into them. There, they be
given badges with numbers and put to work selling magazines so outstandingly
bland and forgettable that the only way they're marketable is as a function
of the public's pity for "the homeless."

The more successful one becomes at transactions invoking pity, the more
truly pitiable one becomes. Either way, the PIG ISSUE and Dome Village are
going to get their 40 cents or more on every dollar made -- a margin that
would make any honest dope dealer green with envy.

Over the entrance of each of these camps will be a sign proclaiming "work
shall set you free," as well as the great big dome in the back where they
keep the incinerator.


I'm also deeply disturbed about the serial beating deaths of homeless men in
Denver beginning a new cycle. Have you been picking that up? With all the
ongoing charges against the Denver PD -- similar to LA, Philly, Oakland,
etc. -- I gotta wonder if some numbskull cops aren't taking 'quality of
life' to a whole new level.

The worst part is that things aren't going to slow down around here until
after December since we're certain to have a lot of runoffs in our District
elections, and especially since the polls show my guy -- Chris Daly, former
COH staffer and long-time tenant organizer -- is going to be in them.

We're also going to be holding a press conference around Thanksgiving to
release the "SF's Biggest Poverty Pimps" report. We're having a "Young
Voices Speak Out on Homelessness" event on my birthday, Dec. 2. And once
again, the SF Health Dept. is going to stonewall the records and data I need
to write the 2000 homeless deaths report until about a week before it's due
-- the first Tuesday in December (the Director of Public Health is under a
standing directive from Willie Brown not to release the info to us prior to
an election). The days are just so full...

On the brighter side, somebody from an educational publisher who found an
op-ed I wrote about forced treatment on the HPN archives is gonna pay me to
include it in a textbook highlighting opposing viewpoints on homelessness.
$150.00 for 630 words. I wish I got paid like that every time I sweat
something out.

'Niners are just about through losing (to the SAINTS!). Think I'm going to
get myself a microbrew (and a wee bit of those fabulous fresh flowers that
just arrived in town from Mendocino last week) and find a game where both
teams wanna win. The commercials are good for a giggle, too.



on 11/4/00 9:33 PM, Tom Boland at wgcp@earthlink.net wrote:

> [Note: The mega-poster Sandy griped about onlist is not you.  The
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> posts via Sandy's address.]
> Chance, your Street Sheet 2 post to HPN titled below was 188K, and contains
> some of the best reporting I've even seen.  Write ON, youze guyz!
>> Reason held:  Implicit destination [too many email addresses & too long]
>> From:         streetsheet@sf-homeless-coalition.org
>> Subject:      inyaface... San Francisco STREET SHEET online # 2 --
>> 10-11/00
> However, you need to break it up into "less than 40K parts" for HPN's
> software to let it through.  Here'e some ideas for you to mull - and accept
> or reject as you will:
> Make into separate posts:
> the section in Spanish
> the NOV COH platform
> the shelter survey
> cluster remaining articles into under 40K "CHUNKS"
> That would be easier than sending out each article as a separate post.
> Lovin' you and reSPECTin' your work, my brother. -- Tom
> PS: Can I send out widely the Platform and Survey?  Rock ON for justice!
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