[Hpn] explanation/how not to bounce your posts

Sandy Andrews sandra@asu.edu
Sun, 05 Nov 2000 13:37:43 -0700 (MST)


I did not mean to confuse anyone with my grumpy post about not mailing web 
pages to the list. Sending web *addresses is just fine! Please write on! 

Here is what I meant.

Good "netiquette" indicates that we avoid sending very large files and
attachments, etc.  to mailing lists. For one thing, these are
time-consuming for some people to download. 

Mailing list software automatically puts such posts on hold until a 
list facilitator can look at them, along with posts it suspects to be 
spam, advertising, admin requests, viruses/virii, etc. 

If you use the web, you sometimes see a page that says, "email this to a
friend." Here is where the problem begins. If you email that page to the
mailing list, all the graphics come along with it. The mailing list
software gets clogged up as the page and all its graphics get put in the
holding bin. 

Very shortly things are so clogged that the list facilitator (Tom) can't 
even get into the holding bin to see what is in there. If this happens, 
we may also lose other posts that are in the holding bin for other 
reasons. (See below for tips on staying out of there in the first place.)

So, please, if you want everyone to look at a web page, send just the 
URL, the address that begins with http:/. Do not actually try to post the 
page itself on the mailing list. It is not necessary. It is like buying a 
book for everyone instead of just sending them to the library. Only 
better, because in this case everyone can go see the page and download it 
to their hard drives, whereas only one person can check out a book at a time.

Tom's Tips for *not having your post be bounced into the holding bin:
1. Send only to the HPN list. If you cc: to too many addresses, 
then the software figures it is spam. This slows down the length of time 
your post takes to get on the list.
2. Send "plain text" only - NO attachments, html, graphics, and 
especially no photos. It is OK to copy/paste from another page if you 
make sure you aren't sending any graphics.
3. Keep your text under 40K (a few pages or less.)

Remember, these are computers that handle your post. The software can't 
read your mind and it can't read the post to see if it is OK to send. ;-)

Sandy at ASU