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Thomas Cagle nh-adapt@juno.com
Sat, 04 Nov 2000 12:56:17 -0500

While this is probably too little too late, I would like to use this post
to illustrate what a few determined people who are peristant can move the
subject of political discourse to our ends. "Gordie" was one of like 4
senators who voted against ADA when it came up for vote 11 years ago. At
no time were there more than 10 people at a time working this subject,
and while some dropped off others picked up the ball.

Just think what 10,000 people with a variety of disabilities could effect
if we tried to work together.

Tom C.

From: "Paul Harcz" <harcz@office.mv.com>

Hello  All:

I just had a rather remarkable conversation with Senator Humphrey on the
Woody Woodlan show on WGIR. I asked him point blank if he were elected
Governor if he would sign a pledge that he would direct the N.H. Attorney
General to support the right to sue any state agency out of compliance
the ADA.

To Senator Humphrey's credited he did not equivocate. He said, "Yes."
Further he said, "If it is not good enough to make this pledge on the
Woodland show then I will certainly be willing to sign any pledge."

He added that if elected he also would like to put an award program
for private sector (businesses) from the governor's office for

We did also briefly discuss the failure of this state to implement IDEA
the fact that drop out rates among N.H. disabled students have increased
since our last monitoring in 1994.

Mr. Humphrey was very candid in that he has had a lot of learning to do.
(Referencing the meetings with Peter's group etc.).

I told him point blank that he received an "A" fom me for meeting with
but an "F" for understanding.

Regardless Sen. Humphrey has done something that Shaheen has not in prior
conversations on the same talk show. He has basically sworn that he
effectively opposes the "sovereign immunity" argument of applying the ADA
the state.

It might be worth the effort regardless as to who is elected to draft and
fight for a strong state law with sanctions and penalties like UNRA in



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