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hnj-dc@homesnotjails.org hnj-dc@homesnotjails.org
Fri, 3 Nov 2000 20:11:51 -0500

hey all-  i wanted to introduce homes not jails DC-  we've just joined this 
we are very new and still learning a great deal from folks like yourselves, 
but i think we've started to kick up a fair amount of hope here in washington, 
our first meeting was held across from the white house on june fifth of this 
year.  we held a protest of an anti-squatting bill that the city council wasz 
trying to pass in late june, and on july 19th we did our first housing 
takeover with a homeless family.  we held an abandoned townhouse for three 
days and were able to embarress enuf politicians that the family received both 
a section 8 housing voucher and a house.  they had been on the waiting list 
for section 8 for ten years before the action.  
the takeover also garnered a great deal of press on the issue of homelessness, 
the 18,000 families that are waiting for years on DC's section 8 waiting list, 
and the 29,000 units of housing that lie vacant in DC.    
currently we are locating and opening up vacant buildings for covert sqatting 
as well as planning a couple more public events, including possibly another 
public takeover in late november or early december.  
if you are interested in learning more about us, feel free to visit our 
website at www.homesnotjails.org.  be forewarned that we haven't had much time 
to invest in the site- our text could use some work, but there are some photos 
of the july takeover there.
we look forward to learning more about other movements of homeless folks out 
there-  please write us if you have suggestions, ideas, criticisms, 
peace-  kirby