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                              M O J O U R N A L
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                                 Nov. 2, 2000

N E W  O N  T H E  W I R E ________________________

* Vote for Me, I'm Gay * - News: More gays and lesbians are running for 
higher political offices than ever before, thanks in part to the Gay and 
Lesbian Victory Fund. But the Fund's gays-only strategy is starting to 
raise hackles in, of all places, San Francisco.


* Nader's Greens Invisible to Blacks * - Reality Check: There are plenty 
of reasons why blacks and Latinos should vote for Nader. So why isn't he 
talking to them?


* Dead Man Warbling * - Culture: The latest version of Sister Helen 
Prejean's story is all right, if you like opera. But why doesn't anyone 
make big-budget spectaculars about prisoners who aren't on death row?


Mother Jones and the Book Council host "Independent Voices," Monday, 
Nov. 13 at 7 PM, with Alice Walker, Chitra Divakaruni, Alfredo Vea, Adam 
Hochschild, the Word for Word Performing Arts Company, and Sedge Thomson 
of "West Coast Live." Tickets $25; proceeds benefit the 2001 SF Book 
Festival. Details at http://www.motherjones.com/events or 

P O L L _______________________________________________

Who are you voting for?

A.  Bush -- Republican
B.  Gore -- Democrat
C.  Nader -- Green
D.  Browne -- Libertarian
E.  Buchanan -- Reform
F.  Hagelin -- Natural Law
G.  McReynolds -- Socialist
H.  Other

Vote at: http://www.motherjones.com/poll/poll_page.html

M U S T R E A D S _________________________________________

Culture down the toilet * GI Jane's eating problems * Panda Smackdown! * 
Vote ponies and ice cream * Timor refugees make cheap labor


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