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 [Please post and forward]
 ftaa-l is a new international e-mail list about the Free Trade Area of the
 Americas (FTAA) and the upcoming Summit of the Americas meeting in Quebec
 City (April 2001). The FTAA is the proposed extension of NAFTA to the
 entire hemisphere (except Cuba) by 2005.
 ftaa-l is intended to share information, analysis, announcements, news,
 opinion articles, organizing and protest info, direct action reports, and
 hard-to-find corporate or government insider information, related to the
 FTAA negotiations and the Summit of the Americas process.
 ftaa-l is for activists, researchers, organizers, writers, independent
 journalists, and individuals, anywhere in the world, who approach the FTAA
 and globalization issues with a critical perspective -- ranging from
 reformist alternatives to more radical analyses. It is also intended as a
 resource for grassroots mobilization efforts against the FTAA, and
 capitalism more generally.
 Keep in mind that ftaa-l is NOT a discussion list, but rather an
 information resource; as such, it is moderated. ftaa-l is an English
 language list. zlea-l is the corresponding French language list, while
 alca-l is both the Spanish and Portuguese list.
 To subscribe to ftaa-l, send an e-mail message, with a blank subject line,
 to <ftaa-l-request@lists.tao.ca> with the following text: subscribe
 You can similarly subscribe to zlea-l and alca-l.
 To talk to the list moderators directly, or for more information, e-mail:
 <worker-ftaa-l@lists.tao.ca> or <clac@tao.ca>.
 ---------------------------- ftaa-l -----------------------------
 resisting the FTAA and capitalist globalization
 mobilizing for Quebec City, April 2001
 creating alternatives
 to subscribe to ftaa-l, send a message to:
 with the following text only: subscribe
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