[Hpn] NYC "Street News" newspaper scores anti-homeless mayor & Housing Authority Authority

Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Wed, 01 Nov 2000 23:01:38 -0800 (PST)

FWD   2000/10/25 via alt.activism.d Newsgroup
From: Ray/Rita Normandeau/Frazier AFTRA-SAG <fraznor@my-deja.com>

A new NEW YORK CITY "Street News Newspaper" has been published.

SEE COLUMNS FROM: * Retired Judge Bruce Wright (there is mention of his
recent heart attack) * Mumia Abu-Jamal * Robert Lederman, the Giuliani
portrait artist who now asks "Is Giuliani Getting a Bum Rap?" * Normandeau
Newswire with New York City Housing Authority tenants mentioning everything
from the lifting of the NYCHA dog ban to hint at RCN-NYCHA hanky panky. There
is mention of an employee for Ford Motors being paid to put on blackface
makeup to simulate an African-American.

Street News is often sold by the homeless. One newsstand that has Street News
is at the South East Corner of 8 Avenue and 42 Street across from the Port
Authority Bus Terminal.

For news speciafically about NYCHA scandals and from NYCHA whistleblowers go
to http://www.NYCHA-Spotlight.com/


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