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OCTOBER 26, 2000 4:48 PM

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          James Pfluecke 215-768-3117
          Lauri Apple appledc@hotmail.com

      PHILADELPHIA - October 26 - From Nov. 15-18, 2000, poor people from
around the world will converge in New York City for the first-ever Poor
People's World Summit to End Poverty. The Summit is hosted by the
Kensington Welfare Rights Union, a grassroots organization based in the
poorest district in the state of Pennsylvania and led by poor people.

      Daily news reports repeat, "economic boom" but for whom? Despite
growing profit margins for the world's wealthiest individuals, in the U.S.,
welfare reform, downsizing, wage cuts, loss of living-wage jobs, and rising
costs in health care, housing and higher education has made basic survival
increasingly difficult for American families. These problems have also
worsened internationally.

      "Rising inequality is giving rise to movements of the poor, homeless,
unemployed and underemployed in every part of the world," says KWRU
Executive Director Cheri Honkala. "We are organizing ourselves to demand
and reclaim our human rights to the necessities of life."

      The Summit will bring together organized poor from the U.S. and the
rest of the world to share lessons, experiences and histories of their
respective movements and provide a forum for poor people to communicate
directly with each other. Participants will learn from movements worldwide,
and to strategize and plan how to globalize struggles into a worldwide
movement to end poverty led by the poor.

      The Poor People's World Summit is sponsored by the Poor People's
Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) and the International Campaign for
Economic Justice. The PPEHRC, led by homeless and poor men, women and
children of all races, was founded in 1998 at the national Poor People's
Summit. The International Campaign for Economic Justice, founded in May
1999 at The Hague, Netherlands, unites the KWRU with groups and individuals
who consider poverty as one of the root causes of war.

WHAT:  Poor People's World Summit to End Poverty

WHO:  Kensington Welfare Rights Union (KWRU), Poor People's Economic Human
Rights Campaign, grassroots poor people's organizations from around the

WHEN:  November 15-18, 2000

WHERE:  New York City, NY

For more INFORMATION about the Summit or the KWRU, please contact James
Pfluecke at 215-768-3117 or Lauri Apple at <appledc@hotmail.com>.



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