[Hpn] IMC & SPEAKEASY to collaborate? MEET at S-Cafe Seattle WED 1 Nov 1pm PST PST

Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 13:12:28 -0800 (PST)

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  by various 1:29pm Sat Oct 28 '00

MEETING to be held at 13:00 PST, 1 November 2000, in Seattle regarding ways
in which Speakeasy can support the IMC.  It does not refer at all to global
IMC's, only those in Seattle and North America, which might create issues
for some.  Comments are probably necessary.

Jonathan Jay and Brian Allen in Seattle have scheduled a meeting on
Wednesday (11/1) at 1pm at the Speakeasy Cafe to discuss ways in which
Speakeasy can support the Seattle IMC and ALL IMCs around North America
with major material support, possibly including:

1) High speed network access in various cities

2) National POP accounts

3) Server Hosting resources, including:
   Web Hosting & Support
   List Hosting & Support
   Mass FTP resource Storage

In addition - in particular - Jonathan Jay's interested in the ways that
Speakeasy, StudioX, and the IMC can collaborate to make
<http://microradio.indymedia.org> a reality as a viable news and
information distribution network.

This could include coordination with various microradio and/or community
radio studios around the country to deliver/exchange programming, or
working with those who do not already have high-speed access and all of the
other items listed above.

Some found this to be an extremely exciting development when Jonathan
suggested it, and thought that at the very least we should explore how we
can use this opportunity to stabilize our web server environment and flesh
out our email capabilities.

At the next level, it could be a boon which allows our efforts to build an
alternative media production and distribution network to reach critical

The more people who can attend, the better (esp. on the TECH side).  If you
can't attend, please consider forwarding your comments please, so they can
be addressed during the meeting.

NOTE: No major decisions can be made at this meeting (so please don't come
expecting that), it's just an exploratory brainstorm session to identify
the possibilities.


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