[Hpn] HPN is alive and well in FY 2000 - What is the problem?

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Mon, 29 May 2000 07:37:04 -0500

Dear Curtis:

Although I do not know who you are nor whom you claim to represent, I am
confused as to messages you have sent to others regarding HPN, the Homeless
Peoples Network.  In order that you have correct information, please be advised
that HPN is a network of homeless and formerly homeless people that is alive and
well in its membership and in its leadership.

Your misleading emails have caused me concern as you have disturbed newer
members with false allegations and questioned our support for and involvement in
one of the most useful and dynamic ListServs for the homeless and formerly
homeless on the WWW.

Please reconsider your motives and your actions as we at HPN continue to work to
bring people together not to divide and separate them.  I trust that you have
received incorrect information form someone and that your heart and mind are
clear.  IF it is, perhaps a simple note of apology to the members of the list
would be appropriate.

If there is any information that you need to best understand Tom Boland's role
as our leader and moderator or the core support group of HPN
please do not hesitate to contact us.

H. C. Covington, Executive Director
I CAN! America
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Homeless & Housing Resource Center