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> Since you were all formerly members of HPN, which looks like it is no more, I
thought you might like to know about this listserve

This appears to be an attempt to get our folks to question Tom and HPN.  This is
the way our opposition works in trying to get us questioning and distrusting one
another while they offer an alternative "product."  Above all of the 60 +
ListServs we monitor, HPN stands out  in its mission to serve homeless and
formerly homeless people in a dignified and caring manner.  We are an extended
family and for those of us that have lost families in our episodic life styles,
at times we may be the only family left to or for us.

Here on HPN, I have never felt dis-respect whether I was Up or DOWN in life,
never felt the JUDGEMENT or WRATH of a leader that acted like he/she knew it all
and we were just fodder in their work.  Here I found the balance, the
understanding and the wisdom that we need in our lives and in our outreach to
others.  Examples of what we all are, more than what we "intend" to DO.

The usurpers and attackers have come and gone, and several other lists have come
from HPN because other individuals could not dominate or drive the Homeless
Peoples Network as their own.  HPN is unique and I am proud to stand with Tom
and you all in any way that I can to make sure HPN is here for the future of us
all and those that follow us.

Thanks Cat & Virginia for the warning.  We did not get the notice you forwarded.

H. C. Covington, Executive Director
I CAN! America
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I found this very disturbing. Not sure what is going on can any one explain.


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> Since you were all formerly members of HPN, which looks like it is no
> I thought you might like to know about this listserve.
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