[Hpn] Street side living on the tracks!

Bill Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Wed, 24 May 2000 20:27:42 -0400

Hello Every one,
Please allow me to introduce myself to you.
My name is William Charles Tinker  age 54 and counting.
I have been houseless and homeless on 5 different occasions,four of them
more than likely were my own doing, the last was fate .
I was born in Burlington, Vermont in 1945 my father was a 30 year service
man,my mother was a home maker .I am the only child by that marriage,which
only lasted 2 years from what I was told.My father was a strict
disciplinarian,my mother was easy going.
Any way I grew up rather quickly,  graduated June 13 1963  18th of a class
of 18.If  might add it was by the skin of my teeth,as I did not know if I
was getting my diploma untill the very last day..
OK I will move along to I worked many jobs the ones I held the longest were
in the psychiatric and medical fields.
I was married 4 times none of them lasting more than 5 years I used to jpke
about that I traded them in when the mileage got to high, all my bluster and
joking was a means to cover up my own problems which were drugs and
alcohol..Yes folks I was addicted to ritalin at the age of 19 years old,so I
went to a Dr. and conned him into giving me some tranquilizers meprobamate
for high blood pressure now when I drank with this I was a real mess.
I finally kicked all the drug problems in 1980 but not before I got arrested
for drugs and served a year in the Merrimack County House of Correction
[corruption] in Boscawen , N.H. I lost my third family due to this
incarceration and I can not blame her or the others for leaving I was unable
to function with out pain killers or alcohol on a daily basis,I am not
bragging I have done more LSD than Richard Alpert [Babba Ram Das] or Timothy
O'Leary...I am lucky I am not sitting in padded secure room somewhere
because I did lose it a couple of times and took the "kill or cure tour"..
So the last time I was homeless I was partying with the local homeless crew
from Concord,N.H. I usually did this on a bi monthly basis spending the week
end with them and just talking trash with them..They were always happy to
see me come and sad to see me go, but they were real and loyal friends and
most  keep in touch with me still.Check us out :
I got arrested for DWI in 1987 on my mothers funeral date,did not make her
funeral because the state police refused to take me to her funeral so my
step brother and sisters believed I missed this on purpose,the truth is I
should have been allowed to go,as even convicted prisoners go to next of
kins funerals..
So I was a drunk for 4 years after she died I cared nothing for this world
it sucked... because my link with life from birth was gone!
I am really lucky I am here because I neglected to tell you I was paralized
on my right side from Saint Vitus dance and Rhuematic fever at the age of 9
years old,I was like this all summer long about 3 months and then a Dr. from
Canada came looked at me and said give him a spinal tap and start him on
penicillian four times a day..I got better rapidly I would say almost with
in a ten day period,I was lucky that I was only left with a heart murmur
..But remember the years of abusing my body caught up with me in 1991...I
lost my job working as a PCA [personal care attendant] because I could no
longer lift my client to transfer him from his bed to his wheel chair with
out fear of dropping him.
So in Febuary of 1991 I left for Florida I stayed in Florida for 20 months
but it was getting rough to find a place to live and I got tired of bouncing
around from couch to camper to tent.
So I went back north on Amtrack got as far as Burlington,Vermont and ran out
of money stayed in some church transitional shelter, they were really nice
folks there very helpfull and informative,I visited the Way Station down by
Lake Champlain every day it was open they cut your hair, fed you, gave you
needed blood tests and checked your complaints weekly of medical
problems...Had to wait until my check was forwarded up from Florida by our
ex land lord so that took a couple of weeks but finally got it and decided
to go back to NH I never contacted my family all the time I was in Vermont
which I regret because my father was not well and no body could get in touch
with me!
Upon my arrival from Vermont in New Hampshire I stayed with a couple of
friends in Weare NH  but soon got the itch to travel went to Concord,NH
hooked up with my old crew what was not dead and partied hearty untill 2 am
thats when the police arrested me on a default warrant for old court
deferred sentences which they pulled while I was in Florida and did not know
about so I ended up serving another 1 year sentence in H of C....
Got out got my disability retroactive check 1994 from social security for
over 12,000 dollars and said no more ever being homeless again bought me a
1988 mobile home and live a pretty comfortable existance,found out last year
1999 that my heart was becoming enlarged and valve surgery was needed if I
wanted to live,so got it taken care of last may 1999 and in August 1999 I
decided to buy a computer and try my limited knowledge out of the
internet..Hooked up to a few programs I liked became quite vocal and
opinionated on homeless issues and advocating change and prosecuting police
for murder when they kill some one with out the need or provacation to use
deadly force....
I started my own egroups called NHHomeless@egroups.com in November of 1999
and believe we have to become a means for persons whom want to discuss,
rant, vent, or attempt to change their world living conditions now not in
ten years because we must change or educate persons along non discriminatory
lines if we ever expect to motivate a nation,or international community.
If any one is interested in joining you may here is a means to do so or if
you find it hard to do I will be glad to sign you up but I will need a
e-mail address and your first and last name..or just a first name will
do..click on this following url...
Thanks for your hearing this out and I can be reached on ICQ Tink 2 70949650
if you want to discuss more of your theories on rough sleeping and housing
for all.
A Brother In Peace And In Strife