[Hpn] [nhhomeless] Isolationism?

Bill Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Wed, 24 May 2000 09:37:45 -0400

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Subject: Re: [nhhomeless] Isolationism?

> Bill,
> I am not sure how this problem can be solved. However, I would prefer to
> have convicted felons living close to my granddaughters or grandson.
> After my divorce I needed assistance with my housing. So I moved into
> housing.  I think the Colorado State Housing Authority has the right idea.
> mix the low income housing in with all the other.  There are no
'Projects', so
> to speak.  They do not confine low income families in one area.  Therefore
> families are able to assimilate into the neighborhoods.  And when they no
> need subsidized housing, they are not faced with a culture shock.
> I know, because I went from middle income to 'low income' in a matter of
> with 4 kids.  I didn't have to worry about my kids being subjected to the
> criminal element because of the community we lived in.
> The city I live in now, has numerous projects.  In fact the 'Project' is
> fenced in like a gated community, or a prison.  I know several families
who have
> lived in subsidized housing for anywhere from 10 to 25 years.  That, I
> is too long.  The disabled, and elderly should qualify for such housing.
> However, people who are physically and mentally able to work should have
> access to such funding.  A free ride should not be allowed.  When a person
> has been convicted of dealing in drugs, or some violent act they should
get a
> chance to prove they have reformed.
> I just don't think I would want to take a chance on them proving they have
> reformed by them killing, or molesting my grand kids.  Second chances are
> to those who have 'served their time'.  But what about the victims, and
> families what second chance do they get?
> Yes, housing should be allowed to all, and those law abiding citizens who
> qualify for subsidized housing should not have to feel threatened in their
> homes.  Especially those who are trying to get on their feet.
> The way the Viet Nam Vets were treated was a national travesty.  The
number or
> Viet Nam Vets who are homeless does not come close to the number of
> who live in government subsidized housing.  I do not think anyone should
> comparing the Vets to ex cons.  Especially when it comes to housing.  An
ex con
> has more privileges than our Vets.  There is definitely something wrong
> this picture.  Second chances???  Who deserves a second chance
> I don't blame Carol for not wanting criminals living in her neighborhood.
> However, whether you live in subsidized housing, or a regular neighborhood
> will always be someone doing illegal acts.  So, we all have to keep our
> open and teach our children and grandchildren to be aware.  It is not so
> gloom and doom as it is common sense.  They can be hurt by the things they
> know.
> I told you I was opinionated.  LOL
> Charlie
> Charlie
> Bill Tinker wrote:
> > Carol,
> > You may call me Bill,
> > I think I understand what you are saying and I am sorry to say the same
> > income housing is thinking the same thoughts as you..If some one gets a
> > divorce the land lords Section 8 or low income housing has a black list
> > of you or any one whos name has been listed for whatever reasons..
> > They scary part about your segregating persons by crimes is just that
> > against the law to do this ...
> > If we did this half of this country would have to be removed from your
> > right... Do you want 140 million criminals [just numbers folks]..But I
> > bet you half of our country has been  arrested before ..so I am not sure
> > that we can isolate persons whom have been arrested and have served
> > time in jail ..
> > Also would you like to be lumped into a category of low income white
> > live in a mobile home people call us trailer trash but I own it its mine
> > we appear at an impasse here because I respect your feelings but you
need to
> > realize that reform is what our country needs and more affordable
> > housing,and homes homes not jails OK?
> > Do you remenber how our Viet Nam Vets were treated ? My God we need to
> > non discrimination in our homes to our children not preach doom and
> > all the time that is learned in schools fast enough I am afraid if
> > gets a proper education at all!
> > A Brother In Peace And Strife
> > Bill
> >
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> > Subject: Re: [Housing NOW] (unknown)
> >
> > Mr. Tinker, my vote is not about discrimination.  It is about keeping
> > low income housing safe for the hard working families and their
> > Drugs on the street corners, gunfights in the streets, etc. are not
> > something I would want to have my children living in.  Would you????
> > you ever had to explain to a child why they were shot while sitting in
> > own bed from a stray bullet????  So, if it is discrimination if I do not
> > want convicted drug pushers, and assault and robbery felons living with
> > or anyone else. so be it.  I feel that people who need low-income
> > should have the chance to better themselves and have a better life free
> > the criminal element.  I do feel that there should be housing for
> > who are truly trying to straighten up and do what is right.  They should
> > given a chance to prove that they can become good hardworking people
> > But, I am sorry, I do not want my children or any body else's children
> > exposed to violence, drugs, gangs, etc.  God bless, Carol
> >
> > This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in
> > tincanlizzy
> >
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