[Hpn] Tedrico's Page Webmaster Shares Panhandling Experience on Colorado's 850 KOA 850 KOA

Theodore Latham tedrico@hotmail.com
Wed, 24 May 2000 02:53:45 -0700 (PDT)

Tedrico's Page Webmaster Shares Past
Panhandling Experience on Colorado's 850 KOA

May 16, 2000

For Immediate Release

Castro Valley -- Tedrico's Page Homelessness, hitchhiking,
panhandling, and homeless program's webmaster, Tedrico
Latham, was invited to speak on his past 'Panhandling
Experiences' on Colorado's highly rated 850 KOA radio
station's Morning News Focus Hour by radio personalities,
Steve Kelley and April Zesbaugh. Tedrico revealed what
he did to get money and gave his views on aggressive

A sample of his responses to questions asked by Steve
and April during the 5 minute 850 KOA online network
broadcasted interview are listed below:

  April: "What kinds of thing would you do to get money?"

Tedrico: "My favorite spots was bus stops, in the hub of
	 the city, down in the financial district, and
	 light rail and sub way station parking lots
	 where I'd merely appealed to their sympathy
	 and they'd give .. I guess just to get rid of

  April: "Wear you ever aggressive?"

Tedrico: "I never needed to be. I was pretty good at
	 speaking to people and winning them over to my
	 side. I would never jump in front of them at
	 the ATM machine as if to say .. 'you got to go
	 through me first'. I was a progressive instead
	 of aggressive because I made progress."

  April: "Did you know people who made a lot more than you"

Tedrico: "Yes, some people took it to another level, more
	 or less. They would panhandle and then use the
	 money as starter money to go boosting and then
	 return the stolen merchandise for the big money."

  Steve: "What would really annoy you ... was it when people
	 ignored you or engaged you?"

Tedrico: "When they'd tell me to 'GET A JOB'! That would make
	 me mad because I knew I could get one when ever I
	 was ready to get one."

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