[Hpn] Re: Protest Attacks on Mumia Activists

ARON KAY pieman@pieman.org
Thu, 18 May 2000 22:47:43 -0400

I happen to know mitch cohen and clark kissinger who happen to be dedicated
to fighting the good fight!!!This draconian "probation" imposed upon them
by his dishonor smacks of a witchhunt reminiscent of the 50's red scare and
the spanish inquisition!!! who the fuck are the "department of bullshit
justice" and the kngaroo court system in imposing such a "penalty" for
exercising the first amendment? this "violation" is equivalent to a parking
ticket but yet the feds want to keep them under "preventive detention" in
their local areas...so as to "set an example" ....
we the activists fighting for mumia must network to deal with this travesty
of justice.......therefore the fishing expeditions are in full swing...they
are panicking because of seattle, dc and the comong conventions (or should
i say "convulsions" or "coronations") in philly and la......therefore
mitch, clark, fran, et al need our support........

John McIntosh wrote:

> Internetless Duff asks, what is happening to Mitch C.?
> I know CK & FG have unfair probation that prevents them
> leaving their locales. This resulted from their arrests
> at the Mumia demo at the so-called Liberty Bell last year.
> -Duff
> *****
> aac@lists.tao.ca writes:
> >I think some of you up in New York know about what the state has been
> >doing to Mitch Cohen. Here's some news about harassment of Clark
> >Kissinger and Frances Goldin. As much as I've been critical of
> >Kissinger, this harassment really pisses me off. I think we need to be
> >supportive of these people in some way.
> >
> >Protest Attacks on Mumia Activists
> >http://mojo.calyx.net/~refuse/mumia/051700warren.html
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