[Hpn] Mega-shelter complex in Colorado Springs, CO

Thu, 18 May 2000 09:36:39 -0400 (EDT)

<< Once splintered over the project, residents of the small
 neighborhood east of the site are now solidly against it. At a
 public meeting Saturday On Saturday, they told organizers to look
 for a new location. >>

  And now, it is not just the neighbors.... The business community is now 
weighing in,  upset over the way the planners took a plan (with no shelter 
component) that was worked on very publicly with all parties signing off on 
and secretly transmorgafied it , in secret, into a plan with a 400 bed 
shelter centerpiece. The planners then secretly found a site and hired a 
reality company to make offers on houses, without disclosing who the real 
buyer was. The business people, including a couple of lawyers, are going 
after these people in a very different, less hysterical manner.  It ain't 
just NIMBY here. It's revulsion at scummy, secretive tactics done by people 
whose primary purpose is NOT improving homeless service delivery.
Matt Parkhouse,
Colorado Springs, CO