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> Eight Items.
> 2. $1.2 Million Available for Program for Youth and Adults With
> Co-Occurring Disorders Involved with Justice System
> 3. North Dakota Attorney General has agreed to at least stay neutral in
> Garrett...
> 4. MiCASSA, S. 1935 UPDATE - Action Needed
> 5. Your support for the June 18th DC rally would be appreciated.
> 6. New Mexico Medicaid Buy-In Bill Signed Into Law
> 7. RESNA Executive Director Position
> 8. Two Reports From HHS Office of Inspector General Available
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> National Council on Independent Living
> ***RED ALERT***
> May 16, 2000
> On Thursday, May 18th the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on the
> Constitution (a subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee), is holding
> a Hearing on H. R. 3590, the ADA Notification Act. This Bill seeks to
> AMEND the ADA to provide a 90 day notification period before proceeding
> with a lawsuit against an entity that is non-compliant.
> You may have heard that Clint Eastwood has agreed to testify in support of
> this bill which would erode our civil rights. Because of Dirty Harry's
> failure to comply with the ADA and his anger over being expected to comply
> with the law, he is coming to Washington seeking revenge.  The bill was
> going nowhere until last week, when Clint Eastwood got involved after
> being sued for refusing to make$7,000 worth of bathroom renovations to his
> hotel as part of a $6.7 million dollar renovation. He is angered by
> lawyers who he feels are trying to take advantage of small business owners
> by trying to legally enforce the ADA. His legal fees were very high
> has joined forces with the National Federation of Independent Business,
> the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Restaurant Association and the
> International Council of Shopping Centers. They want to see that their
> interests take precedence over the civil rights of 52 million Americans.
> Apparently, there are some lawyers who are using our civil rights law to
> line their pockets, without seeking the remedies for which the ADA was
> designed. We need the American Bar Association, ethical lawyers and
> Congress to deal with the unethical law practices in which some lawyers
> are participating. This is not a problem with the ADA, this is a problem
> with unethical lawyers.
> Flood the House Subcommittee on the Constitution with phone calls, emails
> and faxes and let them know we OPPOSE HR 3590 AND ANY AMENDMENTS TO THE
> ADA.
> Subcommittee on the Constitution
> H2-362 Ford HOB
> Washington, D.C. 20515
> Phone 202.226.7680
> Fax     202.225.7682
> e-mail: none
> Charles Canady, Chairman (R-FL)
> (Email) Rep.Charles.Canady@mail.house.gov
> (Phone) 202.225.1252
> (Fax) 202.225.2279
> Henry Hyde(R-IL)
> (Email) none
> (Phone) 202.225.4561
> (Fax) 202.2251166
> Mel Watt (D-NC)
> (Email) nc12.public@mail.house.gov
> (Phone) 202.225.1510
> (Fax) 202.225.1512
> Asa Hutchinson(R-AR)
> (Email) asa.hutchinson@mail.house.gov
> (Phone) 202.225.4301
> (Fax) 202.228.3973
> Maxine Waters (D-CA)
> (Email) none
> (Phone) 202.225.2201
> (Fax) 202.225.7854
> Spencer  Bachus (R-AL)
> (Email) none
> (Phone) 202.225.4921
> (Fax) 202.225.2082
> Barney Frank (D-MA)
> (Email) none
> (Phone) 202.225.5931
> (Fax) 202.225.0182
> Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)
> (Email) talk2bob@mail.house.gov
> (Phone) 202.225.5431
> (Fax) 202.225.9681
> John Conyers (D-MI)
> (Email) john.conyers@mail.house.gov
> (Phone) 202.225.5126
> (Fax) 202.225.0072
> Bob Barr (R-GA)
> (Email) barr.ga@mail.house.gov
> (Phone) 202.225.2931
> (Fax) 202.225.2944
> Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)
> (Email) jerrold.nadler@mail.house.gov
> (Phone) 202.225.5635
> (Fax) 202.225.6923
> William Jenkins (R-TN)
> (Email) rep.jenkins@mail.house.gov
> (Phone) 202.225.6356
> (Fax) 202.225.5714
> Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
> (Email) none
> (Phone) 202.225.5301
> (Fax) 202.225.3216
> We all need to do all we can to PACK the hearing room and halls with
> supporters of an intact ADA. If you can get to DC for the hearing, please
> come. If you can't, please contact national organizations you are
> affiliated with. Ask them to be sure to have representatives at the
> hearing who join us in our visible opposition to this bill.
> Thursday, May 18, 2000
> 9:30 AM
> Room 2141 (1st Floor)
> Rayburn House Office Building
> (South Capitol Metro Stop)
> Our presence at this hearing will send a powerful message to the media and
> across the country that our civil rights are not to be eroded. This
> message might even have an impact on the Supreme Court as they consider
> the constitutionality of the ADA this fall.
> We say, if there are problems with lawyers, don't fix the problems by
> eroding the civil rights of people with disabilities!
> For more information about HR 3590, go to: http://www.save-ada.com
> National Council on Independent Living
> 1916 Wilson Blvd.Suite 209Arlington, VA 22201
>  (703) 525-3406 (V) (703) 525-4153 (TTY) (703) 525-3409 (F)
> http://www.ncil.org (web)  marcie@ncil.org (email)
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> $1.2 Million Available for Program for Youth and Adults With Co-Occurring
> Disorders Involved with Justice System
> On May 16, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's
> (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) announced the
> availability of up to $1.2 million to support a national center for
> designing and implementing effective, substance abuse and mental health
> services for youth and adults with co-occurring substance abuse and mental
> disorders who are involved with the criminal justice system.
> Applicants for the grant must propose a strategy to provide technical
> assistance at the community and national levels to enhance the ability of
> treatment professionals to affect the behaviors of the targeted
> "It is very common to see emotionally disturbed youth turning to drugs
> and getting into trouble with the justice system," said SAMHSA
> Administrator Nelba Chavez, Ph.D.  "The center must bring together
> substance abuse and mental health providers, corrections officials and the
> community to create appropriate treatment approaches that can integrate
> mental health and substance abuse services at key points in the criminal
> justice system, from entry into the justice system, to jails, prisons,
> probation and parole."
> "Many of these individuals are minority, poor, vulnerable to
> homelessness, unemployed, and have serious, untreated health problems,
> especially mental health problems, that lead to self-medication with drugs
> and alcohol," noted CSAT Director H. Westley Clark, M.D., J.D., M.P.H.
> "These behaviors are associated with their involvement in the justice
> system.  We need to give back the hope of recovery for the safety of the
> public and the health of the affected persons."
> This grant is supported by both CSAT and its sister center, SAMHSA's
> Center for Mental Health Services, as well as components of the Department
> of Justice.
> Applications are available on SAMHSA's web site, www.samhsa.gov, as well
> as by calling (800) 729-6686.  Refer to GFA Number TI 00-007.  Questions
> on program issues should be directed to, Bruce Fry, project officer, at
> (301) 443-0128.  Grants management questions should be directed to
> Christine Chen at (301) 443-8926.  Applications are due by July 21, 2000.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >From Stephanie Thomas at ADAPT (adapt@adapt.org)
> NAPAS reports that...
> We've just heard that the North Dakota Attorney General has agreed to at
> least stay neutral in Garrett and is considering signing on to the
> Minnesota brief in support of the constitutionality of the ADA.
> Chicago ADAPT met with their IL Attorney General and at the minimum, the
> AG
> said Illinois will a least not be signing on to any bad amicus briefs..
> more
> details to follow...
> Any more reports to share?
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> >From Bob Kafka at ADAPT (adapt@adapt.org)
> SUBJECT:   MiCASSA, S. 1935 UPDATE - Action Needed
> As you know on November 16, 1999 Senators Harkin and Specter introduced
> S. 1935  Medicaid Community Attendant Services and Supports Act , MiCASSA.
> On May 3rd Senators Harkin and Specter held a press event in Washington
> DC which was hooked up to over 50 cities to build momentum for MiCASSA.
> Between 3-5,000 folks were listening as both Senators showed their
> enthusiastic support for MiCASSA and a commitment to make REAL change
> happen.
> The next step is to have hearings in the Senate Appropriations Committee.
> Please call, write, fax or e-mail Senators Harkin and Specter and tell
> them you would like to see hearings in the Senate Appropriations Committee
> on MiCASSA on Wednesday, June 21st.
> Over 500 disability activists will be in DC that week and will be able to
> attend a hearing on that date to show support for MiCASSA and long term
> care reform.
> Your support will keep the MiCASSA momentum going into the Fall and focus
> the need for long term care reform beyond long term care insurance and tax
> credits.  Your support will FREE OUR PEOPLE!
> Please contact Senators Harkin and Specter at the information below:
> The Honorable Tom Harkin  D- Iowa
> SH-731 Hart Office Building
> Washington, DC  20510-1502
> 202/224-3254
> fax - 202/224-9369
> TDD - 202/224-4633
> tom_harkin@harkin.senate.gov
> The Honorable Arlen Specter, Chairperson  R- Pennsylvania
> Senate Appropriations Committee
> SH-711 Hart Office Building
> Washington, DC  2051-3802
> 202/224-4254
> fax - 202/228-1229
> TDD - 202/224-3442
> senator_specter@specter.senate.gov
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Your support for the June 18th DC rally would be appreciated.
> FREE OUR PEOPE! MiCASSA - "REAL" Choice in the New Millennium
> When:  Sunday, June 18th - Gather at 1pm
> Where:  Upper Senate Park - Washington, DC
> MiCASSA , S. 1935 was introduced on November 16, 1999 by Senators Harkin
> and Specter.  MiCASSA will reform the institutionally biased long term
> care system.  Simply, it allows people with disabilities and/or families
> to have a REAL Choice of where and how support services are delivered.
> The June 18th RALLY will send a message to Congress, President Clinton
> and both presidential candidates that the disability and aging advocacy
> communities want REFORM.  We need to send a message that we want ACTION.
> We want CHANGE!
> The identification of the problem is simple.  The solution is in sight
> but will take our showing our power!
> The Congress allocates 75% of ALL Medicaid long term care dollars to
> nursing homes and other institutions.  This leaves ONLY 25% for all home
> and community services and supprts.
> Advocates must make our position very clear.  Your co-sponsorship of this
> RALLY will send this message. (see sign-up form below)
> In addition please encourage your membership to attend the RALLY on June
> 18th.  Together we can change this institutionally biased system.  Join us
> and let's celebrate together when MiCASSA is a reality.
> Many national, regional, state and local groups have already agreed to
> co-sponsor the rally.  There is still time to add the name of your group
> as a co-sponsor.
> As a co-sponsor, your group will agree to turn out as many people as
> possible for the rally.  This might include distributing flyers, raising
> or  contributing funds for rally related costs, arranging transportation
> and other travel needs for attendees from your area or doing behind the
> scenes work to help the rally run smoothly.
> To have your group or organization added as a co-sponsor, please complete
> the form below:
>  Organization______________________________________________________
>  Contact Person
>  ____________________________________________________________________
>  Address
>  __________________________________________________________________
>  __________________________________________________________________
>  Phone __________________________ Fax____________________________
>   e-mail  ______________
>  We will outreach and turn out people on June 18th :____________
>  (number expected)
>  We will contribute money to support the June 18th event:__________
> (amount)
>  We will  contribute the following in-kind services:
>  __________________________________________(list)
>  Please return the form to:  REAL Choice       marcie@ncil.org
> MiCASSA - "REAL" Choice in the New Millennium
> 1339 Lamar Sq Drive  Suite 101
> Austin, Texas  78704
> 512/442-0252 or 303/733-9324 (voice); adapt@adapt.org
> Thank you for your support!
> Marcie Roth
> Director of Advocacy and Public Policy
> National Council on Independent Living (NCIL)
> 1916 Wilson Blvd. Suite 209
> Arlington, VA 22201
> (703) 525-3406 (Voice)
> (703) 525-4153 (TTY)
> (703) 525-3409 (Fax)
> marcie@ncil.org(Email)
> http://www.ncil.org (Website)
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >From Susan Daniels at SSA:
> New Mexico Medicaid Buy-In Bill Signed Into Law!
> The Medicaid Buy-In Bill, which will allocate $ 1.4 million to provide
> health insurance to people with disabilities who choose to work, was
> signed into law by Governor Johnson on April 12, 2000!
> To be eligible for this extended Medicaid coverage, an individual must:
> 1)  Continue to be disabled
> 2)  Need Medicaid in order to work
> 3)  Have earnings no higher than 250% of the New Mexico poverty level
> You do not have to be currently receiving SSI to be eligible for the
> Medicaid buy-in.  It is estimated that 926 people with disabilities in New
> Mexico are currently eligible for this program and that the program will
> be in operation by late fall, 2000.
> The Medical Assistance Division of the New Mexico Human Services
> Department is in the process of writing regulations for this legislation
> which will be issued for public comment within the next three months.
> Consumer assistance in developing responses will be requested in the near
> future.
> Thank you to Governor Johnson for signing the bill, to Senator Sue Wilson
> for carrying the original bill, the Health and Human Services interim
> committee, Medicaid Division, Governor's Committee on Concerns of the
> Handicapped, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the consumers,
> families, advocates,  and service providers who were dedicated to the
> passage of this bill.
> For more information, please contact:  Project SUCCEED, New Mexico
> Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, 435 St. Michael's Drive, Bldg. D,
> Santa Fe, NM 87574.  1-800-318-1469
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >From Carol Boyer, Project Associate, RESNA Technical Assistance Project
> cboyer@resna.org; (703) 524-6686, ext. 309
> Summary:  JDG Associates, Ltd. has been engaged by the Rehabilitation
> Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) to
> conduct a search for a new Executive Director. Founded in 1979, RESNA's
> mission is to improve the potential of people with disabilities to achieve
> their goals through the use of technology.
> With over 1000 individual and 100 organizational members, RESNA promotes
> research, development, education, advocacy and the provision of
> technology. Key RESNA programs include the Annual Conference and Exhibits,
> publication of the journal Assistive Technology, RESNA publications,
> credentialing for assistive technology service providers, and professional
> development. Additionally, RESNA manages a contract from the U.S.
> Department of Education that provides technical support to 56 State Tech
> Act projects. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, RESNA has a staff of 15 with
> a $2 million annual budget. The Executive Director reports to the
> Executive Committee/ Board of Directors and serves as an ex officio member
> of the Board. Further information on RESNA may be found at
> http://www.resna.org.
> Principle Responsibilities:
> Ensures that the President and the Board of Directors are kept fully
> apprized of the condition, programs, and operations of the Society and on
> all pertinent factors likely to affect the membership.
> Serves as the CEO of RESNA and is responsible for all elements of its
> operations.
> In concert with the volunteer leadership, serves as spokesperson and
> coordinates media relations.
> Establishes and maintains positive relations with appropriate
> organizations, including government agencies and selected legislative and
> regulatory entities whose functions impact RESNA's mission.
> Directs and coordinates all approved programs, projects, and major
> activities, recommending new activities, programs, or projects for Board
> consideration. Also facilitates long term planning.
> Plans and recommends budget and annual plan for approval and operates
> within annual budget.
> Requirements:  Bachelor degree essential, advanced degree helpful.
> Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.  Experience and
> familiarity with technology. Able to conceptualize and plan. Strong
> financial management skills.  Comfortable developing a budget and
> operating within it. Able to work with diverse populations and experienced
> in consensus development. Able to develop a vision for an organization and
> lead others to it. Optimistic and positive team player. Detail oriented.
> Paul A. Belford
> JDG Associates, Ltd.
> 1700 Research Boulevard
> Rockville, MD 20850
> Ph: 301/340-2210 - Fax: 301/762-3117 - <belford@jdgsearch.com>
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The following audit and inspection reports have been posted to the Office
> of
> Inspector General's Web site.  To access the following two audit reports,
> go to:
> http://www.hhs.gov/progorg/oas/whatsnew.html
> Audit of the Medicare Partial Hospitalization Program at Mental Health
> Corporation of Denver, (A-07-98-01263)
> This final report points out that review of medical records performed by
> the intermediary's medical review staff and the Health Care Financing
> Administration's medical surveyors found that all of the 1,030 units of
> service included in 100 sampled claims made by the Mental Health
> Corporation of Denver (MHCD) did not meet Medicare requirements for
> partial hospitalization services (PHP). Based on the totality of the
> evidence, we have questioned the entire $4,447,607 charged for PHP
> services by MHCD during Fiscal Year 1996.  During the course of our audit,
> MHCD discontinued billing
> Medicare for PHP services. In addition to a financial adjustment, we are
> recommending that the intermediary (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas)
> review PHP services provided by MHCD for other cost report periods. We are
> also recommending that MHCD take the necessary steps to ensure that any
> future billings for PHP services meet the Medicare requirements for such
> services. (May 5, 2000)
> Review of Outpatient Psychiatric Services Provided by the Danbury Hospital
> for Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 1997, (A-01-99-00518)
> This final report points out that the Danbury Hospital did not establish
> or follow existing procedures for the proper billing of outpatient
> psychiatric services. Specifically, the Hospital made claims for
> psychiatric services not certified by a physician in accordance with
> Medicare requirements, not properly supported by medical records, or not
> covered by Medicare. We estimate, based on a statistical sample, that at
> least $750,790 in outpatient psychiatric claims did not meet the Medicare
> requirements for reimbursement.  We also identified an additional $126,480
> in costs (unallowable advertising, meals, and travel) ineligible for
> Medicare reimbursement claimed by the Hospital on its Fiscal Year 1997
> cost report for outpatient psychiatric services. In addition to financial
> adjustments, we recommended that the Hospital strengthen its procedures to
> ensure that charges for psychiatric services are covered and properly
> documented.  We also recommended that the Hospital establish
> nonreimbursable cost centers or otherwise exclude costs related to
> noncovered services from its Medicare cost reports. (May 4, 2000)
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