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Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Mon, 15 May 2000 20:22:07 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Joy,

Thanks for the positive feedback on the idea of public collaboration on an
"ideal" American Platform 2000 that everyone can contribute to and help
publicize to seek media coverage of important issues and compel their
acceptance by the mainstream politicial candidates for all offices this
election year.

To start this process I have created an American Platform Committee egroups
list at http://www.egroups.com/amplcom to which I am copying this post and
where a few previous ones on this topic are archived for public view at that

My suggestion would be to encourage anyone interested to submit their ideas
to that list and then for some who step forward for this purpose to
gradually refine the ideas in the coming weeks into "American Platform 2000
drafts" which can also be posted at that site by those who will take the
responsiblity as "editors".

I think a good general timeframe would be to see what kind of final drafts
can be created by the end of June so that these can be publicized widely in
the last month or so before the Republican and Democratic National

Obviously it will be extremely difficult for "everyone" who might join in
this project/list to "unanimously agree" on all points that everyone else
might submit for such American Platform 2000.  There may, however, be
numerous points on which everyone would agree.  There may then develop a
"basic" platform and several different "supplementals" to include the
various points and when promoting the idea each issue group activist could
promote the basic and whatever supplemental format they prefer?

The basic idea is to popularize the idea that the "people" themselves in
this election cycle are composing/submitting the issues they think most
important for the candidates to address and those who take up the most
important ones are the only ones who will get elected this year.

For the time being I think the best plan is just to invite anyone interested
to submit their ideas to this egroup list by either forwarding them to a
list member to post to the list as they see fit, or by joining the list and
posting it themselves.  Egroups has many choices of how list members can
receive posts to lists or just view on the web.  I have set up the list so
that members only can post to it but anyone can view messages and files
attached to them.  Currently it is set up so anyone can join the list
without moderator approval, but if it gets out of hand the moderator(s) can
unsub any member.  It is currently set up so that "reply" function sends
replies to the member who posted the idea being replied to, so if the reply
is intended to go to the list members, it (as any posts to list) should be
addressed by list members to amplcom@egroups.com  Any non-list-member posts
to list will just bounce but anyone, list member or not, may view the posts
to the list at list website.  This is how the list is set up as of now and
can be changed as needs be in coming weeks.

To subscribe to the American Platform 2000 egroup list one can send a blank
email to amplcom-subscribe@egroups.com or subscribe at the list website
where posts may also be viewed by anyone

I will be abstracting ideas that I favor from posts to that list for
incusion also in the Williams-Peltier Independent US Presidential/VP
Candidacy Platform which will be posted with other info relevant to this
candidacy at its egroup list http://www.egroups.com/group/williams-peltier
but I would prefer others take the initiative on editing American Platform
2000 drafts which I will most likely of course also endorse.  I would also
prefer someone(s) else to take over moderating this American Platform
Committee list as soon as the right folks step forward to do so (also a
"co-chair" team to guide this informal "e-committee" so I can bow out of
that interim function.

So first task would be to publicize the opportunity to submit ideas for
American Platform 2000 to its egroup list, then to identify folks who want
to put some time into the idea by studying the submissions and perhaps
weekly offering compilation drafts to the list for review.  An American
Platform 2000 Committee should be formed in the next couple of weeks who can
use polling functions, chat, etc. of the egroups list to make decisions on
finalizing draft ideas and wordings, etc.

If this idea catches on I suspect it will be an ongoing process into the
Fall and perhaps even after November 2000 elections.  If the list gets
enough support and publicity, the polls of its members could carry some
weight with the media, especially if each of the members indicates they
represent numbers of people in their respective issue groups.

For this reason I strongly suggest that each list member complete the
"member profile" information at egroups site so that other list members can
click to their profiles and see who it is that is posting and about their
interests, groups represented, etc.

Let's see where this idea goes after this posting to you and a few of my

David Crockett Williams
Interim Chairman, American Platform 2000 Committee

From: "jcrocker" <jcrocker@rcn.com>
To: "David Crockett Williams" <gear2000@lightspeed.net>
Subject: Re: CIA drugs articles etc
Date: Monday, May 15, 2000 7:02 AM

Dear David,
     YOUR PLATFORM 2000  idea is sheer genius.
     I'm disseminating the "idea" to the various E-groups that send me
but I'm wondering what progress you've made to put  a draft document out

     There are of course several suggestions for "What-the-World-Needs" in
existence. I know we signed one in Holland, and one at a Post-Hague Appeal
meeting.  I don't have them at my finger tips. )

     I'm appending :
1. Your list from our letter--reformatted a bit.
2.  The "Irreducible Minimum" decisions that I submitted to the Hague Appeal
for Peace Agenda committee (without immediate results).
3. An abbreviated letter from Doug Hunt (a leader in the A-16 Washington
Bank protests.) At the end is a list of the Big Sponsors of A-16.



 ABSOLUTE NATURE OF TRUTH.  Recognition that truth is not
 just what people are made to believe but what is factually correct.

(HR  2545  http://www.prop1.org).

STOP CIA DRUG SMUGGLING.    http://www.copvcia.com and end the drug war.

 RELEGALIZE HEMP/CANNABIS For all purposes and end the fraud by which it was
outlawed as marijuana in
 937, so that this most  useful and bioefficient plant  can be widely
cultivated on a global  emergency scale level to save the  trees and heal
atmosphere to  ameliorate global climate change
http://www.jackherer.com        http://www.chrisconrad.com .

NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES.  Adequate funding for a "crash program" to
    quickly finish the research and development on the new energy
    ($108 million/year says O'Leary http://www.maui.net/~oleary -- phone

    on that site).

AMNESTY FOR POLITICAL  PRISONERS like Leonard Peltier who embrace and
the teaching of     nonviolence;  etc. etc.

RELEASE OF NONVIOLENT DRUG PRISONERS -- funding prevention training and
centers to help those with crippling addictions and problems.
With a preamble to the effect that we are entering a new millennium where
decisions will be derived from principles of

    **BOTH/AND (not either/or)   and WIN/WIN (not I win, you lose)

   Suggestions (to the Hague Appeal for Peace) for "Irreducible Minim"

UNIVERSAL RIGHT TO SUBSISTENCE: Investment of the 80 Billion dollars that
UN Development Program says would bring  universal access to basic
clean-water-and- sanitation, basic health-and nutrition. (re-investing a
droplet of the military arms-budget.)


DEMOCRACY: People's Assembly in the U.N.
( Revocation of veto powers in the United Nations.?
( Proportional representation of political parties in the

TREATIES:PARLIAMENTARY RATIFICATION by each country Of the international
treaties we have have signed. (Especially disarmament and banning nukes.)

  so that campaign-financing by Big Bucks could be  eliminated;
  so that violence and consumer-driven TV programming could
 be  changed;  so that "alternative" media could have access to mass
 media and thus a tool to raise consciousness and   political will.

revoke charters when the 'common welfare' is not served.

ZERO INTENTIONAL DEATHS:A year's experiment with a moratorium on  war and
capital punishment.

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE--moving to change the 'penal code' to re-integrative,
restorative, healing paradigms. Reduce drastically the number of citizens in

LIFT THE EXISTING SANCTIONS AND EMBARGOES (unless asked for by the people
themselves). Against Iraq, Cuba,Libya and some 30 other nations. (A one


                            3. G-77

                                    Doug <dhunt@center1.com>

Our children will gaze back aghast upon us and our time as a
period of waste, war, abandon, and oppression on a scale so vast
it screwed up the planet and humanity for a millennium.

TRADE-SOUTH AFRICA: Mbeki Attempts To Secure A United Bloc

By William Dhlamini

JOHANNESBURG May 12 (IPS) - South African President Thabo Mbeki is
attempting to secure a united bloc of developing nations as a counterweight
to the G7 of most industrialised countries to push for the interests of
developing countries, ahead of the next round of the World Trade
Organisation (WTO) trade negotiations.

This bloc, it is hoped, will constitute the major emerging economies:
China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria.
SA's Erwin is a playing a key role in trying to get the next round of
global trade talks on track which stalled after they came to an abrupt end
at Seattle.

The argument in SA is that developing nations should now use their muscle
within the world trading system to kick-start global trade talks.

SA secured a coup when developing nations Group 77 body adopted a
resolution at the presidential summit in Havana, Cuba, last month calling
for the group to speak, for the first time, in one voice at the WTO.

To give form to the resolution, the heads of State and senior ministers
from the G77 countries agreed to create a new political directorate in the
bloc to give practical effect to its decisions.

The directorate, whose powers are still being defined, includes Mbeki,
Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and Malaysian President Mahathir

"The Party's Over" for Corporate Lackeys in Both "Parties"
     Republicans: Philadelphia, PA -
        July 30th - MArch and Rally - http://www.unity2000.com
        July 31st / August- http://www.thepartysover.org
     Democrats: Los Angeles - August 14-17th - http://www.d2kla.org

  On the Web:
    Mobilization for Global Justice, site for protesters: http://www.a16.org
    Religious Working Group on the World Bank and IMF
    50 Years is Enough! http://www.50years.org
    Justice Calendar http://www.justicecalendar.org
    WhirledBank http://www.whirledbank.org
    Jubilee 2000/USA http://www.j2000usa.org


From: "jcrocker" <jcrocker@rcn.com>
To: "David Crockett Williams" <gear2000@lightspeed.net>
Subject: More platform 2000 material
Date: Monday, May 15, 2000 8:02 AM

Our Terrorist platform: We demand transparent, accountable and wholly
democratic government and financial institutions that put the needs of the
planet and all of its' people before the short-term interests of
corporations. Things to expect after the revolution: Fair allocation of
resources for social security, health-care, education and environmental
stewardship along with accountability from those who claim to know what we
and need. Sound radical? It is. It's called Democracy.

This is the final paragraph from a letter from Han Shan of the Ruckus
I told him of you and Platform 2000, and enclosed below is our  exchange of
letters--for your skim-reading.
Peace, Joy

Dear Han Shan and fellow Terrorists,
Great opt-ed.
Is there anything we can do to help it get published--like if a number of us
wrote the Sun, perhaps?

You forgot a couple of neat quotes, though  they  are implied:
    "One man's terrorist is another man's hero" (to wit: Patrick Henry & the
Boston Tea party people)

    "Today's hero may be another day's terrorist."   (to wit: Ben Laden "our
man" in helping us fight the Russians in Afghanistan; Noriega "our man" in
helping with the drug supply and with bases against the Sandinistas....)

candidate with Leanard Pelletier as his VP) IS SUGGESTING THAT WE ALL GET
concensus techniques) -- then GETTING TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC.

Looks like youv'e got the essence of a PLATFORM 2000 draft in your final

Joy Crocker


> Greetings Terrorist friends,
> In response to the afore-posted editorial from the Calgary Sun, I wrote:
> (hope it gets printed)
> Calgary Sun
> To the Editor:
> In the United States, Europe and Canada, journalists have ruminated since
> last fall about this 'new face of protest' which walked onto the world's
> stage in Seattle. Never mind that for decades throughout the 'developing
> world,' there have been demonstrations numbering in the hundreds of
> against the economic colonialism represented by the WTO, World Bank and
> "But where did this new protest movement come from?", the media has
> aloud. Never mind that the Group of 77 Nations, the countries exclusively
> impacted by IMF and World Bank policies (and comprising 80% of the human
> population), released a statement strongly supporting the DC protesters.
> But Paul Jackson finally nailed it when he wrote that we are in fact
> [drumroll please...] international terrorists (parading very cleverly as
> steelworkers, religious people, teachers, human rights advocates,
> tree-huggers and Tibetans-in-exile). Since we started working to
> the world economy, seeking equality and environmental sustainability in
> global economic system, the support has been pouring in from the Middle
> Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are our biggest fans! And I for one
> realized they had such good senses of irony.
> Oh, and Calgary. Yes, we in the "International Terrorist" community are
> turning our attention to the World Petroleum Congress, coming in June. The
> practices of the oil industry are responsible for widespread environmental
> devastation, human rights abuses, and global warming and, well... that
> really burns us. So with drug money-financing and training by
> such as Co-motion and the Ruckus Society, we'll once again descend on
> Calgary. We'll pave the way for Islamic world domination by attacking an
> event characterized by some DC insiders as the "turban and ten-gallon hat"
> meeting. Yes, we will come to Alberta to represent our facsist
> in Beijing and the Middle East. We zealots will make unreasonable demands
> that oil exploration cease and that the billions of dollars saved be
> in research and development of sustainable energy resources. Note new
> terrorist lingo: sus-tain-a-bil-ity.
> Yes, we are only getting started. Our Terrorist platform: We demand
> transparent, accountable and wholly democratic government and financial
> institutions that put the needs of the planet and all of its' people
> the short-term interests of multi-national corporations. Things to expect
> after the revolution: Fair allocation of resources for social security,
> health-care, education and environmental stewardship along with
> accountability from those who claim to know what we want and need. Sound
> radical? It is. It's called Democracy.
> Han Shan
> Berkeley (aha!) California, USA
> Han-shan
> Rocket Scientist
> The Ruckus Society
> phone: 510-848-9565
> cell: 510-772-3166
> fax: 510-848-9541
> e: han@ruckus.org
> http://www.ruckus.org
> "Revolutionary consciousness is to be found among the most ruthlessly
> exploited masses: animals, trees, water, air, grasses"
> -Gary Snyder

---------------end forwarded posts------

David Crockett Williams
Chartered Life Underwriter
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry

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