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FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - May 10, 2000
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) _ About 300 people rallied at the state
Capitol demanding increased access to government food, housing and
welfare programs for legal immigrants.

The demonstrators chanted, cheered and carried placards Tuesday,
and also fanned out through the Capitol to meet with individual

``The purpose is to unite the immigrant communities. This is the
fifth year we've done this,'' said Jenny Ocon of the California
Immigrant Welfare Collaborative, a sponsor of the event.

Demonstrators urged lawmakers to allow legal immigrants to keep
food stamp benefits that are scheduled to expire in August because
of changes made in welfare laws.

They also backed improved health care for children, and
multi-language outreach programs.

Frank Tamborello, of the Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger and
Homelessness, said California's booming economy would not be
possible without the work of immigrants, but that many of them will
be cut off from food stamp benefits at the end of the summer.

``California, now as always, has built by the work of immigrants
_ these hardworking, taxpaying immigrants who built up the good
economy,'' he said. ``If people don't have access to the benefits
paid for by taxes, maybe they shouldn't have to pay taxes,'' he

Rini Chakraborty, a representative of the welfare collaborative,
also said that even though state law requires government agencies
to make information available in languages other than English,
``many immigrants can't get basic information from their government
in a language they understand.''

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