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Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 17:01:33 -0800
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From: Ahlia Vallevand <ahlia@fanweb.org>
Subject: stopftaa: fundraising for the oas shutdown

To Whom it may concern,

Foreign Ministers from all OAS (Organisation of the American States) member
states are meeting from June 4 to 6th in Windsor, Ontario.

In June, people from Canada, the US, and Latin America will take to the
streets of WIndsor to express their opposition to the OAS and the FTAA

The OAS is an international governing body consisting of most of the
countries in the Americas and is responsible for formulating the Free Trade
Area of the Americas (FTAA). Although the its mandate appears to prioritize
the protection of democracy and human rights, as well as promoting peace
and sustainable development,  the OAS promotes the rights of transnational
corporations over the rights of citizens. It promotes free trade (profit)
over human need or environmental survival.

The FTAA gives corporations license to create more free trade zones, where
they can ignore human or labour rights, safety regulations, or
environmental standards, to privatize social services and to extract
natural resources without the hindrance of environmental regulation.

Resist!, the group I am working with, sees this as an opportunity for
international action here in Canada.
We are urging the citizens of the Americas to join us in Windsor in a
mobilization against the OAS and the
corporate agenda.

This international effort needs your financial support for printing
educational materials, paying rent, phone and electric bills, providing
legal support, facilitating nonviolence training, transportation,
accommodation etc.

Your donation will help us speak the truth about corporate power.
Thank you for supporting the important work that has already begun.

Please make your check payable to :
OPIRG Toronto, with  memo: OAS Coalition
and send it to :
48 Elgin Ave, Toronto ON, M5R 1G6


Ahlia Vallevand
Outreach Committee

  Here are some of the specifics of what we are raising money for:

2 months rent $1500
Hydro $200
Windsor phone $100
Long Distance $200
Modem $100
Gas $400
Rent for convergence space $1500
Independant Media Centre and supplies (cables, modem
access, rent, rental video equipment ) $1000
Rented Vehicle $500
General supplies $500

Ahlia Vallevand
FAN/RAN Toronto Co-ordinator