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Terri,and Homeless brothers and sisters;
Thank you I thought I was insane or warped or the only one whom believed
that Social services and Big Government were not the homeless,or homeless
advocates protectors,they basically protect their own checks and jobs and
come back next month and show me where you have applied for jobs..
This system needs a over haul and badly it is reeks of GOOD Ol' boy
politiking so bad that if we can find a untainted politician whom will work
for and with their constituents...you can bet they are run over by the herd
before they ever vocalize their beliefs more than once.
We need a humantarian as presidential candidate not some turkey who claims
to be...Or tells stories about his aunt whomever and forgets his lines ...
Come on America this is our world our lives and our families that are
suffering because of these ploiticians whose only agenda is not even clearly
defined except when they foul up and say things to injure their parties
I really would like to see a presidential advisory coalition committee that
was composed of ex homeless and disabled persons to end the hate and
discrimination thats been rapant for and openly shown since 1980s ..towards
our poor population..Any body got some views on how to do this?
A Brother

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> BillBro
> Yes, my brother, the only real experts are the ones experiencing
> himelessness. I was home less twice bu it's a lot meaner and more
> difficult for todays homeless folks.
> I really don't care if we put the entire poverty industry out of work...
> let them go get jobs in the private sector and see how long they last. I
> am sick of the status quo, and the older (and crankier) I get, the less
> willing I am to hear "answers" from anybody who's never been homeless. I
> agree with you completely and we need to work on handing the reins over to
> affected folks, as their solutions are the only credible ones.
> Terri Scofield