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Dear Ms. Yeaton:
Hi the real stigma begins when you got people looking at you and watching
you like you are under a looking glass..This used to bother me but no more I
have learned since that life is basically what we make it!
About changing the lot of the homeless in the next five years...I am truely
skeptical because homelessness has been around since Christ.I would like to
see it end sooner as its a political foot ball, every one talks no action.
The reason I say this is because the State does have a surplus fund of 10
million dollars and people still die on our streets from APATHY!
I would like to see the politicians take a oath to end the discrimination of
impoverished persons and actually take a pledge to use the fine action plans
that are available to impliment now..Our good lady Governor ,s agenda is
really not favoable to the elderly or working poor,or disabled populations
she has played with Public Service  fo 4 years now and got no where really!.
I have sent a action plan on to all the presidential politicians including
President Clinton,down through Governor Shaheen..
Here is a url: also my memorial page
www.geocities.com/one_liberty/photos.html .....
So please understand that intentions that are good can not be met if the
money is being sat on by our politicians who think they know best and their
agenda is a narrow minded approach to next to nothing to get this plan
It is firmly my belief that if our government truely wanted to end
homelessness they have had a viable plan for at leas ten years but did
I asm being critacal.. perhaps but I have been around long enough to know
that if homelessness ended tomorrow that their would be 2 million social
service people with out jobs so what are we going to do?Five years they say
? Please !!!!
Have you ever read San Francisco,s action plan it a pretty solid workable
plan but no body has done anything with it yet!!
I am an believing optimist but not a blind follower of the propaganda of
even nch@ari.net they do a lot of good but still can not be a force of the
whole advocacy and activists movement because every one has ideas on how to
deal with this... myself I think let them that have slept in the weeds and
in box cars and out of doors decide their fate because no one in office now
has ever been homeless and if they were they would either be dead or they
would be ranting online as I am trying to change things for their brothers
and sisters!!Because those cold cruel mean streets do kill!
A Brother In The Homeless Struggle

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> You have had your share of personal trauma.  Open heart surgery is risky.
> Hope you are okay for 2000 and onward.
> Psychiatric breakdowns are painful but the stigma makes it worse.  Of
> course, it could happen to anyone.  Not everyone admits this though.  Hope
> you are better.
> After awhile you get used to stigma, and know how to talk back to
> oppressive people.   I think, however, communities are getting more
> educated--that breakdowns should not mean the end of the world.  People
> have to be out and about.
> I thought a good idea might be to have a kind of a hub for homeless
> A hub where the individual could take a shower and get clean clothes from
> Goodwill.  Getting cleaned up is the first step.  Then there would be
> phones and a couple of trained people help with housing and vocational or
> educational possibilities.   Not doing something like this is holding many
> homeless people down.  It is not fun to be homeless.  It rains.  It gets
> cold.   Manchester and Nashua might need something like that.   I don't
> know about Concord.  Terrible lack of housing in Concord.
> Homeless people don't like to come to community welfare agencies or town
> office, but they might come to a hub like I have expressed to you.
> Sometimes the town welfare offices have officers who are not kind to
> homeless people.
> Changes have to be made to reach our goal in five years of ending
> homelessness.