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Those who do not know Paul Joseph Harzc he is a blind advocate and activist
for parents rights, disabled rights, and ADA law enforcement consciense for
the powers that be!
Go Joe, Go Joe!
A Brother In all Categories

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> I am resubmitting this poem for a few reasons. One it is to the
> "protectors" of our civil rights which are under attack. Then adding
> to injury we are chastised, vilified and retaliated against for the crime
> being angry at the  discrimination heaped upon us...It is long since time
> for righteous anger and accountability.
> The second reason for resubmitting this is to establish my religious
> conviction. Just giving the perps another way to discriminate...They've
> already discriminated against myself on the basis of disability...Then on
> the basis of gender...My First Amendment rights of free speech, press and
> redress my grievances has been challenged...
> Well now they can attack my religious and philosophical principles because
> ... Well I am the type of "Christian" who like Jesus Himself "ran riot at
> the money changers in the temple"...
> The modern "money changers" here are the persons and institutions who
> not exist without us and yet have become moribund, malfeasant, lack
> responsibility, and even engage in discrimination themselves.
> It also goes to those suffering persons with disabilities who walk
> mindlessly like cattle to the slaughter of our basic human and civil
> Those who are not angry at the onslaught are in my opinion "dead men
> walking".
> So arise Lazaris! Hold steadfast Barabas! Do not render unto Caesar what
> not his. Our dignity and humanity are not the property of the Caesar in
> midst nor does it belong to the modern money changers in our temple of
> life....That is unless we relent it to the Leviathan..Through our own
> ignorence and fears...
> We have no protectors but ourselves. We are the ADA police.
> Signed,
> A Child of an Equal God
> Battle cry-not a jesus man
> January one 2000 revisions
> Joe harcz
> December 26 1999
> Sorry I am not a jesus man
> It may be perceived as weak
> But I will do the best I can
> Not to turn the other cheek
> While some say there is arrogance in hubris
> I say let us not be too meek
> For in our quest to secure the promise
> Which is all that we seek
> There needs to be loud protest
> Not begging so defenseless
> To secure a little justice
> This is not really reckless
> Nor is it so called vengeful
> to not be so meek
> Just to fit the victim profile
> Which keeps the un-proud week
> Perhaps I am a jesus man
> The kind of jesus who ran riot
> At the religion sellers in Jerusalem
> And all the other hypocrites
> I cannot walk on water
> But I know miracles are born of discontent
> Thus I will not quietly walk to slaughter
> Though this may seem most irreverent
> Hold fiercely my brothers and sisters
> To your own human worth
> Political machines do not yield to whispers
> And the meek will not inherit the earth
> This is not sacrilege
> For I admire the man-god jesus
> But I am not an animal in a cage
> And neither are the rest of us
> Who must roar at outrage
> So while I admire jesus
> And think his course was righteous
> I shall follow barabus
> Who too made his contribution
> And who struggled for justice
> In the course of revolution
> But then again I do fight
> Not with guns or knives
> For everything that is right
> But with words that strive
> To define disenfranchised as bright
> Stars in the dark galaxy
> Striving for equality
> Among soiled political malignancy
> Daring to create a new reality
> Bringing back to every american
> Willing not to swallow
> Rage against the political machine
> Rage stuck in our craw
> The dream promised at our beginning
> Of rule not by man
> But rule by law
> So far from sacrilege
> It is not profane
>  Have the courage
> To reveal again and again
> The naked Caesar in our realm
> Nor to genuflect
> To the bigots at the helm
> That would only disconnect
> Each and every one of us
> >From hope and aspiration
> And destroy the promise
> Of our all too human contribution
> Guess I really am not a jesus man
> For I have sinned but when stones are cast
> In my direction over and over again
> I will be the first
> To answer the attack
> My justice dam will burst
> And I'll throw the damn things  back
> No I must not be a jesus man
> For he was all about mercy
> While justice is for the human
> I've granted all the mercy left in me
> Now I'll grab all the justice I can
> .
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