[Hpn] Ending Homelessness Coalition Now!

Bill Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Thu, 04 May 2000 18:59:57 -0400

From best guess and with some accountability the numbers are from
700,000-1,000,000 homeless persons in shelters and rough sleeping in the USA
at any given time .
Myself I think the numbers range closer to 1,200,000 because a lot of people
are never acconted for because of their nomadic wanderings.
Lets just say that their are a lot of advocates and activists working on
resolving the poverty and dicrimination but some people will not join up..
And add their voice to helping one another for what ever personal
reason..and my belief is this that care takers and funded housing of course
do not want the displaced  dilemma resolved because its their pay checks and
future jobs on line ..So what we really should do is unite in one huge
"Ending Homeless Coalition" and setting a Moratorium Day to present to our
state Governors,and our President and members of congress..
If I were more knowledgeable, I would do this but for now I will suggest
that if some one presents or pushs a petition or anything. Please if it
worthy to you send it to me, and I will sign, promote, or what ever it takes
to force this social disease into non exisitence.
"A Brother In Peace And In Strife"
                Bill Tinker