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Subject: Windsor, Canada & Detroit, USA:  Calling all affinity groups

Please forward far and wide!
Also, please print and post in your spaces.

C A L L I N G   A L L

Help shutdown the Organisation of American States
(OAS) when they meet in Windsor, ON, Canada and
Detroit, MI, USA to promote their hemispheric 'free
trade' agreement, the Free Trade Area of the Americas

June 1-3: Convergence and Teach-In; Civil Disobedience
June 4-6: Shutdown the conference!

The experiences gained recently in Seattle and
Washington will help our struggle against global
capitalism remain autonomous, democratic and
effective.  However, experience has also shown that
our effectiveness is only limited to the
organisational cohesion of affinity groups. We cannot
stress the importance of meeting regularly with your
affinity groups frequently before you come to Windsor.
Don't rely on previous meetings that had nothing to do
with Windsor. Don't decide to form an affinity group
on the way to Windsor. Get prepared, get organised!

The Day of Demo (DOD) Working Group is helping to
organise an effective and intelligent action. Windsor
is a small working class town.  Many of the people
there have little connection with or knowledge of the
OAS.  Please take them into consideration when
planning your group's activities.  We are also asking
for affinity groups to consider taking part in a
street festival/carnival that includes (and doesn't
alienate) the community. If your affinity group is
interested in puppet-making, radical circus, food
preparation, music making, merry-making, etc., please
consider informing DOD of your intention to help in
this regard.

DOD will also be trying to co-ordinate the cooperation
and separation of disparate affinity groups. It does
not make sense for two affinity groups with
non-complementary goals to be occupying the same
portion of the city. Please have extensive discussions
around the following areas before answering the
following questions for DOD.
How many are you?
What level of risk/confrontation does your affinity
group represent?
How many arrestibles are in your group?
Where does your group want to be? on the front lines
or back towards the celebration area?
What are you planning on doing? (roughly-don't give us
Are you planning on staying put and occupying a line,
or roving, or keeping a position away from the lines?
What suggestions do you have for DOD?
Is there anything other affinity groups should know
about your group or your intentions?
Is there anyone in your affinity group with a physical
disability who would like us to tailor accommodation
and legal support to meet their needs? If so, please
explain what you deem is necessary to best accommodate

Please nominate a contact representative from your
group, with
an email address
a mailing address
and telephone contact
This is so we can switch up modes of communication and
hopefully keeping prying eyes (hello ocifer) from
collecting too much info.

We're asking that you get your affinity groups
together ASAP, meet ASAP, and get back to us by May

We are preparing a package with follow-up information.

After that, we'll try to co-ordinate affinity groups
and supply the spokescouncil with the information they
need to work together effectively.
We realise, this sounds like a very centralised
process, but we're trying to facilitate autonomous
co-ordination and are always open to any and all

Contact Day of Demo:

7 Springhurst Ave.
Toronto, ON
M6K 1A8

Answering Service (messages only):
(416) 643-0837

For more info and propaganda:

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