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Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Wed, 3 May 2000 13:20:57 -0700

Hello to you also! My name's Harmony.
Last year, my husband and I were homeless in the US; my husband for six months,
and I for nine.
We are now in Norway (Bjorn-Tore's Norwegian), where he has a job as a computer
We are STILL struggling. At this moment, we are three month's behind in rent.

Let's see- how best to put this...
Every time I take a shower in my own place, and lock the door at night, I am
aware of having shelter. Tenuous as our hold on this place may be, it is still
our home.
I am filled with a fierce resolve to make a difference for the better for all
who are homeless.
In recent weeks, I've started a homeless mailing list at eGroups.com, started
to write about my experiences and put them on my website, and joined the Homeless
One of my goals in particular is to exploit the resources of the Internet to
its fullest, and bring the speed and power of its communication to shelters.

Another idea I have is to ask those who have websites to consider featuring
homeless issues on a page of their site. For example, I have at least twelve
different websites. How much space do I need to talk about me, me, and me? I'd
feel very happy to get personal stories, experiences, and information out in
any way I can.
I was VERY happy to read your letter.
I am convinced that all of us can come up with innovative solutions for homelessness.

Thankyou so much for writing-
Harmony Foster Kieding

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and member of Global Homeless Network Webring 

>Hello, My Name is Brian and I run an IT training unit for homeless men
>and women here in the UK.  I am encouraging our clients to subscribe to
>this newsgroup and any messages you see from a SPITTS address will be
>from one of our clients.  I hope that you will make them welcome and
>that you will be able to share stories and experiences from across the
>Atlantic.  Many thanks. 
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