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Bill Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
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May 2,2000
Groups,et al:
I have emailed the President,the vice president,I have wrote to congress and
every political candidate that aspired to office either locally our state
wise,as well as nationally.
I ran with San Francisco,s Plan to end homelessness and force fed it to
politicians and others ...I believe that we have to become much more out
spoken and request either a "Moratorium Day For Homelessness" or ask the
next President to commit to ending this dilemma in this life time not our
As advocates and activists if we sit on our thumbs and do naught then we are
as bad as the hate mongers and politicians whom mouth the words and never
follow up or help but only say it for a vote!
I for one am willing to do what ever the general majority of the homeless
advocates,and displaced persons want to do about this..but it is time I
agree to publicize the rants and needs of our brothers and sisters!
Respectfully yours,
A Brother In Strife And In Peace
Bill Tinker NHHomeless@egroups.com

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> I have a question for everyone who sits and reads this discussion
> Have we all given up? I read this site every chance I get, but I have not
> seen a whole lot of push for change. Does that mean that we are all
> to have homeless people on our streets? I see a whole lot of people
> describing what has been done to homeless people everyday, and things that
> could have been done and were not, but WHAT ARE WE DOING? If we can come
> together and use this site to its fullest it seems to me we can come up
> something a little more constructive. Lets face it, until we do nothing is
> ever going to change. Anybody got any ideas? I know many of you think this
> is like beating a dead horse, but then again thats why nothing is getting
> done. Lets make something happen. This can not be a dead subjsect any
> longer. It's time to wake it up and keep it awke until there is no one on
> the street who does not wish to be there.
> PS
> Did you know that there are more homeless people than all of the people
> voted for Clinton put together? We can do something. We have to, no one
> will.
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