[Hpn] Bread & Jams seeks FT Administrator & Board members

Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Mon, 01 May 2000 22:44:14 -0700 (PDT)


Please circulate this announcement to interested parties.

*****  Bread & Jams seeks FT administrator and Board members  ****

Bread & Jams, a homeless-run organization which has operated a
Self-Advocacy Center (Drop-In) program, Van program, and meal
program for and by homeless persons for over 10 years, is seeking
to hire a full time Administrator, and is seeking to recruit both
homeless and non-homeless members for a re-constituted Board of

Persons interested in the Administrator position (see below for job
description) should forward a cover letter and resume to Ted
Alcaide, Bread & Jams, PO Box 391349, Cambridge, MA 02139.
The proposed deadline for receipt of resumes/coverletters is
May 19, 2000.

Persons interested in applying to join the Board of Directors
(subject to approval by the Consensus meeting) should forward
their statement of interest and relevant qualifications to Tom
Boland, as follows:
postal mail: Tom Boland; Bread & Jams; PO Box 391349;
Cambridge MA 02139
e-mail: WGCP@earthlink.net   (no attachments: include any
information in the body of the e-mail)

Bread & Jams (B&J) operates a Self-Advocacy (drop-in) Center
near Harvard Square which offers a range of services -- from basic
needs (food, clothing, showers, lockers) to case management -- to
upwards of 60 homeless persons per day.   The Center is partially
funded by a federal Mckinney grant, and partially dependent upon a
range of individual and organization fundraising.

B&J also operates two smaller programs: (1) a van outreach
program, which contracts with the City of Cambridge to take
homeless persons who are unable to find shelter in Cambridge from
the evening meal in Cambridge to Boston; and (2) a Sunday supper
program, which serves up to 100 persons at indoor (cold weather
months) and outdoor (warm weather months) locations near
Harvard Square.

At present, governance is entirely by a weekly Consensus meeting
held at the Center on Wednesday afternoons and open to all staff,
guests, and interested parties.  A part time Administrator position
has had a multitude of responsibilities, with inadequate time or
organizational clarity of priorities to accomplish all of those tasks.

To address operational and financial needs which have resulted
from inadequate focus on the details of agency administration, B&J
is on the verge of significant organizational change -- the outcome
of a long and hard and cooperative process that included staff,
organizational friends, and planners form the Cambridge Human
Services Department.

Under the new organizational format, which has received
preliminary ratification from the Consensus process, a
reconstituted Board of Directors would have final fiscal
responsibility and authority, while the Consensus meeting would
have final authority over programmatic recommendations.  Program
Coordinators (Self-Advocacy Center, Van Program, Meal Program)
would be subject to hire and fire by the Board, and oversight/review
by the Consensus meeting.  A full time Administrator would be
hired and supervised by the Board to take on the following tasks:

* Maintenance of the Budget and cash flow planning
* Preparation and maintenance of financial records
* Maintenance of insurance for van and workers comp
* Grant writing and fundraising
* Attending and reporting to the Board and its SubCommittees and
Consensus meeting
* Monitoring programs and staff
* Encouraging staff development
* General office duties
* Helping to mediate conflicts
* Connecting with homeless people in Cambridge and outside of
Bread & Jams
* Attending (and representing Bread & Jams at) meetings of gorups
addressing the needs of homeless persons, including  MHASA and
the Cambrigde Homeless Services Planning Committee
* Supporting long term program development

The ideal candidate will have
* Experience as a homeless person
* A commitment to engendering trust, to fairness, and to helping
homeless people meet their shared aims
*Familiarity/success with:
	> organizations that serve homeless persons
	> grant writing and fundraising for non-profits
	> sales (speaking and promotions)
	> budgeting, cash flow management, financial record keeping
	> working with staff, including conflict resolution,
		without "being boss"
	> working with the consensus model of decision making
	> good oral and written skills

Bread & Jams is able to offer a salary in the low to mid twenties.