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say bill
   what are these guys being investigated for? the story doesn't say and and
you don't fill in the blanks. i gotta say that criminals come in all
kinds of
costumes. why i've known a few disabled crooks in my day, not to mention the
homeless that prey on others in the same position making shelters scarey

Bill Tinker wrote:

> Northfield officers on leave during probeMay 1, 2000
> I almost believe in the tooth fairy,Easter bunny,and Santa Claus again!
> The only problems I foresee here is the ones similar to the ones in LAPD the
> prosecuters and the Attorney Generals Office all owe each other favors,and
> so don,t even be surprised if no one gets prosecuted,in fact more than
> likely it will all be dropped and hushed up!
> sorry but this is the same police department that arrests parents for
> exercising there parental rights of visitation..
> Sorry I have little faith in this legal process as the real criminals do
> wear badges at times don,t they!
> "A Brother In Strife And In Peace"
> ill
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>              Lakes Region News
>                         Monday, May 1, 2000
>                   Northfield officers on leave during probe
>                   Sheriff, county attorney handling investigation
>                   By GORDON D. KING
>                   Staff Writer
>                   NORTHFIELD — Two veteran Northfield police officers have
> been placed on administrative leave pending the conclusion of an
> investigation by the Merrimack County Attorney’s office and the Merrimack
> County Sheriff’s Department.
>                   Authorities said the two agencies are investigating
> Patrolman Adam Roy and Lt. Joseph Corso.
>                   Roy has been with the department for about 18 months. He
> was with the Tilton Police Department prior to that. Corso has been with the
> department for 12 years.
>                   Authorities said the investigation will probably result in
> criminal charges being brought against one of the officers.
>                   Police Chief Scott Hilliard said immediately upon learning
> of the allegations that he contacted the County Attorney’s office and the
> Sheriff’s Department and requested an investigation.
>                   "I have the utmost confidence that they will conduct an
> unbiased and complete investigation," the chief said.
>                   The two officers are on administrative leave with pay, the
> chief said.
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