[Hpn] Kicking it at the Washington Shoe building

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 19:43:31 -0400

     a question or two. how many artists were in this building for how
long ? commercial artists or real ones ? i've been involved with several
loft/industrial buildings and was always under the impression that real
artists start the squat, commercial artists jump at the cachet and ruin it
for the rest by yupping the joint into being noticed as a viable rental
site. this drives out the original "squatters" either thru higher rents or
the closing of the building for renovations the commercials can afford. is
this the occurance here ?
      a third, has to do with the homelessness of the artists. are there
now homeless artists due to this eviction or did they all find places to
be themselves and just lose studio space?

Anitra Freeman wrote:

> The last artist is being evicted from the Washington Shoe Building at
> 163 S. Jackson in Seattle at midnight tonight.  The Shoe Building used
> to be on the official Seattle Art Walk -- but today the owners are
> telling the city that they have never rented to anyone and *everyone*
> there is squatting.  As of midnight, there *will* be squatters.  The
> city has apparently heard of the plans to squat, because today there
> were two large Washington Sheriff's Department officers in front of the
> building and more officers moving into the area.
> We are going to have an active May Day in Seattle.
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