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This story is on going and True!
A Brother
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> We are meeting with the Elders today at the church to see if anyone has a
> plan. We have talked to many and seem to get nowhere. We are putting up
> bright florescent signs in the yards of the buildings saying "Franklin a
> on the Move"  "Thank You Franklin For taking our homes for this wonderful
> needed  Parking lot" "Soon to be homless, Thank you Franklin", or whatever
> any body can come up with. We have been fixing up two rooms in the back of
> our church for a food closet as a local church will be donating 2000
> of food to help in tent city or whatever God opens up for us to do. We
> many of you guys writing letters to the Editors of the Three main
> the Union Leader, Concord Monitor, Laconia Citizen.  The Problem we are
> having is that we cannot seem to rally many local folks, because in the
> these apartment buildings have been a source of crime and drugs and all
> of bad things. Most of the bad tenants have already been evicted anyway,
> the local folks only remember all the trouble at the buildings. We need a
> of prayer, we are having a Picnic in the apartments and holding our church
> the backyard, all of you are invited, we hope to have a game plan by then.
> do think that the people may have to the end of July to find a place. We
> don't know for sure.
> God Bless,
> Pastor Dennis Murphree New Covenant Fellowship
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