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     23rd June, 2000

More than three hundred Children and Youth Extra-judicially murdered
in Honduras since 1998


A longterm investigation that documents the murders of more than
300 street children and youth in Honduras was made public today by
Casa Alianza. Marking the United Nations International Day in
Support of Torture Victims, which will be officially held on Monday
the 26th of June, Casa Alianza is calling on the office of the UN
High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, to intervene to
stop the appalling killings.

The report documenting the 302 extra-judicial killings has been
compiled first hand by Casa Alianza's legal aid offices in Tegucigalpa
and San Pedro Sula and documents cases of murdered youth between
January 1998 and May 2000. The report shows that 93% of the 302
victims were males. Fifty five percent of the murder victims were
children, under the age of 18. The ages of 16 of the victims have
not been determined, which means that the total percentage of child
victims could be as high as 60%.

Shockingly, the statistics for the first five months of this year
indicate an increase in the murders of children under the age of
15. In 1999, 15 children under the age of 15 were murdered, however
as of May 31st 2000, 13 children under 15 have been murdered. Casa
Alianza's statistics show that in 1998, 22% of the 79 youth killed
that year were between the ages 19 to 22. In 1999, this number
increased to 52% (90 out of 172 murders).

According to the Casa Alianza statistics, the vast majority of the
street children and youth are being murdered in the Honduran
departments of Corts and Francisco Morazan, which contain the cities
of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa respectively. Seventy six percent
of all the executions have taken place in those areas.

Despite the fact that Casa Alianza formally requested a list of
murder cases involving children and youth under the age of 23 six
months ago, the Minister for Public Security in Honduras, Elizabeth
Chiuz Sierra, has never responded. The State of Honduras has
classified the perpetrators of 74% of the murders as "unknown",
indicating either an inefficient investigation on the part of the
authorities or a lack of will to identify and prosecute the
perpetrators. However, in 36 cases (12% of all cases) it has been
proven that the police or security forces were responsible.

Casa Alianza fears that the list of murdered children and youth
published in the report may not be exhaustive. The lack of
communication from the Minister of Public Security's office has
impeded Casa Alianza's efforts to collaborate with the Honduran
authorities to bring the murderers to justice. What is clear,
however, is the failure on the part of the Honduran State to protect
and uphold the human rights of its children. So too is the State's
failure to perform critical investigations into these crimes, which
could help punish and deter further violence against children.

The State of Honduras has ratified the United Nations Convention
on the Rights of the Child which in article 19 states, "State
parties shall take all appropriate legislative, administrative,
social and educational measures to protect the children from all
forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or
negligent treatment, maltreatment of exploitation including sexual

Casa Alianza has made a formal request to the office of the UN High
Commissioner and to the UN Special Rapporteur on Arbritrary
Extrajudicial Executions, Asma Jahangen, for a joint investigation,
along with the State of Honduras, into the so called "social
cleansing" of youth currently taking place in Honduras.

The Honduran authorities have the information on these murders yet
have not been capable of prosecuting those responsible. Until the
cowardly murderers of children are  put behind bars where they
belong, Casa Alianza will  use all means to seek justice for the
children who were  killed because they were homeless and poor.

 The full text of the report, including the complete list of
names of the victims, is available on the Casa Alianza
website at http://www.casa-alianza.org


 - Write a short, polite message to Mary Robinson, UN
High Commissioner for Human Rights secrt.hchr@unog.ch
asking her for an immediate  investigation into the
murder of Honduras' future + it's  children.

- a short, polite message to the following Honduran
authorities, urging for an IMMEDIATE and serious
investigation into ALL the murders of the more than 300
children during the past 29 months, and the prosecution
of all those found to be responsible + whether uniformed
or not:

Minister of Defense and Public Security:

Elizabeth Chiuz Sierra
Ministra de Defensa Nacional y Seguridad Publica
Palacio de los Ministerios, 20 piso
Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS
Telegrams:     Ministra Defensa, Honduras
Fax:      +504 239 6892
Salutation:    Senora Ministra / Dear Minister

Chief of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations:
Dr. Wilfredo Alvarado
Director de la Direccion General de Investigacion
Criminal (DGIC)
Direccion de Investigacion Criminal
5a avenida, 11 calle,contiguo a Celocias Palermo
Comayaguala, Honduras
Fax:           +504 220 0554
E-mail:      walvarado@dicmp.org
Salutation:    Sr. Director/ Dear Director

Attorney General : Dr. Roy Edmundo Medina
Fiscal General de la Republica
Edificio Poujol, Contiguo a la Casa de la Enfermera
Boulevard Morazan atras de Banpro
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Fax:           +504 239 4750
Telegrams:     Fiscal General, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Salutation:    Sr. Fiscal General/Dear Attorney General

National Commission for the Protection of Human  Rights:

Dr. Leo Valladares Lanza
Comisionado Nacional de Proteccion de los Derechos Humanos
Avda. La Paz No. 2444
Contiguo a Galerias La Paz
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Fax:           +504 221 0536
E-mail:      conadeh5@hondutel.hn
info@conadeh.hn   0100,0=

Salutation:    Sr. Comisionado/ Dear Commissioner


The Honduran media:

El Heraldo { HYPERLINK "mailto:heraldo2@datum.hn"

La Tribuna { HYPERLINK "mailto:tribuna@latribuna.hn"

El Nuevo Dia { HYPERLINK "mailto:diares@netsys.hn"

La Prensa { HYPERLINK "mailto:redaccion@laprensa.hn"

Honduras This Week { HYPERLINK "mailto:hontweek@hondutel.hn"

And please send me a copy of your messages to  {
HYPERLINK "mailto:info@casa-alianza.org"


Please act now. If you do not, no-one else will.

Bruce Harris
Executive Director
Latin American Programs
Casa Alianza/Covenant House Latin America

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