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GrantSource Funding Alert
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June 26, 2000 Federal Register


Availability of Funds To Provide Grants to Organizations That
Support Service Days or Events That Include Persons With Disabilities

AGENCY: Corporation for National and Community Service.

ACTION: Notice of availability of funds.


SUMMARY: The Corporation for National and Community Service (the
Corporation) announces the availability of approximately $1 million to
support outreach to increase the participation of persons with
disabilities in national service projects. The Corporation will use
these funds to eligible applicants who will in turn sub-grant to local
organizations to plan and carry out outreach for service opportunities
for individuals with disabilities in conjunction with one or more
service days or events (e.g., Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Youth
Service Day, Make a Difference Day, National Volunteer Week) within the
next year. These service opportunities must include persons with
disabilities to increase

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their participation in national service. We expect to award up to two
grants in amounts ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

DATES: All proposals must arrive at the Corporation no later than 5
p.m., Eastern Daylight Time, on August 15, 2000. We anticipate
announcing the selections no later than September 11, 2000.

ADDRESSES: Proposals must be submitted to the Corporation at the
following address: Corporation for National and Community Service,
Attn: Nancy Talbot, 1201 New York Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20525.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For further information, or to obtain
an application, contact Thea Kachoris at (202) 606-5000, ext. 562, TDD
(202) 565-2799. This notice may be requested in an alternative format.


A. Background

    The Corporation was established in 1993 to engage Americans of all
ages and backgrounds in service to their communities. The Corporation's
national service programs provide opportunities for participants to
serve full-time and part-time, with or without stipend, as individuals
or as part of a team. AmeriCorps*State, National, VISTA, and National
Civilian Community Corps programs engage thousands of Americans on a
full, or part-time basis, at over 1,000 locations to help communities
meet their toughest challenges. Learn and Serve America integrates
service into the academic life or experiences of over one million youth
from kindergarten through higher education in all 50 states. The
National Senior Service Corps utilizes the skills, talents and
experience of over 500,000 older Americans to help make communities
stronger, safer, healthier, and smarter.

    AmeriCorps*State and AmeriCorps*National programs that involve over
40,000 Americans each year in result-driven community service, are
grant programs managed by: (1) State commissions that select and
oversee programs operated by local organizations; (2) national non-
profit organizations that act as parent organizations for operating
sites across the country; (3) Indian tribes; or (4) U.S. Territories.
In addition, the Corporation supports the AmeriCorps*VISTA (Volunteers
in Service to America) and AmeriCorps*NCCC (National Civilian Community
Corps) programs. More than 6,000 AmeriCorps*VISTA members develop
grassroots programs, mobilize resources and build capacity for service
across the nation. AmeriCorps*NCCC provides the opportunity for
approximately 1,000 individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 to
participate each year in ten-month residential programs located mainly
on inactive military bases. Learn and Serve America grants provide
service-learning opportunities for youth through grants to state
education agencies, community-based organizations, and higher education
institutions and organizations, and Indian Tribes and Territories. The
National Senior Service Corps operates through grants to nearly 1,300
local organizations for the Retired and Senior Volunteer (RSVP), Foster
Grandparent (FGP) and Senior Companion (SCP) programs to provide
service to their communities. For additional information on the
national service programs supported by the Corporation, go to

    The Corporation is committed to increasing the participation of
persons with disabilities in national service. We recently sponsored a
national conference that brought together disability organizations and
national service programs to better understand opportunities and
avenues for collaboration. We are continuing our commitment by
providing these funds, authorized under section 129(d)(5)(C) of the
National and Community Service Act of 1990, to support outreach to
persons with disabilities to increase their participation in national
service activities. We expect to issue an additional announcement in
July for a larger number of grants to support on-going outreach

B. Eligible Applicants

    Eligible applicants for this funding are nonprofit organizations
with experience in promoting or administering national days of service
or service events. The nonprofit organization must have experience in
making grants to or entering into partnerships with local nonprofit
organizations or agencies in more than one state.

    Eligible sub-grantees are nonprofit organizations and public
agencies, including, but not limited to: volunteer centers,
institutions of higher education, local education agencies, educational
institutions, disability-related organizations, and local or state
governments. An organization described in section 501(c)(4) of the
Internal Revenue Code of 1986, 26 U.S.C. 501(c)0(4), that engages in
lobbying activities, is not eligible to be a grantee or subgrantee.

    Based on the requirements for applicants and the number of grants
to be awarded under this notice, the Corporation expects fewer than ten
applications to be submitted.

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