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NHHomeless Group:
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  From: Terri Altimus
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  Subject: a copy I sent to Concord Monitor and Manchester Union Leader

                                 ATTENTION! ATTENTION!

                      It has came to my attention that there is a problem in
Franklin and I would like to comment on the situation of the potential
homeless. There has to be a solution for these people who are being forced
out of their homes so that a parking lot may be built! Is there no
compassion? What is the root cause of apathy here?
            I am reminded of Joseph & Mary, who on their journey have been
denied access to the Inn. Most of us are familiar with the Biblical
account... They found a stable...but...these people deserved the finest
accomadations! The Christ child.....deserved the Holiday Inn! We can learn
from this. We don't have to allow these homeless people to suffer such
strife. It's time to alert the citizens of Franklin their oppertunity has
came to stand up and roll the red carpet so-to-speak for these people.
Whatever deed we do, we do it as unto Christ. We must picture them as Christ
would have us to picture them. We are to love one another as we love our
selves! How do we show love when we close our eyes and deafen our ears to
their pleas of help?
             This is the year 2000. Let us join together, as the lord
watches above, and show Him that we do care and love our fellow man. Let us
love one another! We are the legs and arms of Jesus Christ on earth, as
Christians, we need to be about our father's business!
      I sound the alarm, as a Christian, to all fellow Christians and
believers, citizens of Franklin, to stand up and voice your concern and to
begin a good work for Christ! These people need your SUPPORT.
              I also would like to add the importance of a homeless shelter
that is needed in Franklin. Won't the good citizens contribute to such a
worthy cause?
                                Sincerely a concerned citizen
                                of the United States,
                                   Terri Altimus

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