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   i can't help but feel there's more to this. we got a slumlord who keeps
his tennants in substandard conditions,tennants who throw trash around n
don't pick it up, late loud stoned drunken parties spillin into the neighbor
hood, a few good single mothers and politicians with thier hands out for the
capitalists loot. now i think i've heard there are laws on how long it takes
to evict people and procedures that protect folks from precipitous legal
eviction so this story can go on for months. true ?
   is it right to accept substanrd housing as acceptable.?
   has the landlord hired people to fix these condemnable buildings ?
   and who's makin the money on this deal.?
   doesn't this sound like the american way.?

Bill Tinker wrote:

> I apologize for giving out the wrong e-mail address of the New Covenant
> Fellowship Church it is NewCovenantFel@aol.com  the telephone number is
> 1-603-934-1924
> We may have to squat some of these people in their homes,or pitch tents,
> their are 5 children that are getting special education funding so can you
> figure why they want to get these families out of the city?This is a
> terrible way to treat your citizens!As I mentioned before  Franklins motto
> is "A City On The Move" ironic or what?
> I am not exactly sure whats going to happen but in 9 more days they are
> going to evict people and perhaps we should support these persons that are
> going to be homeless or we could be next!
> Think about it!
>  Brother
> Bill
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