[Hpn] Local activisim required in Franklin, New Hampshire

Bill Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 14:46:25 -0400

 Gordon Macdonald ,Senator Gordon Humphrey,Michael Stoops;
Perhaps this is a good time for you to throw your support towards some
issues now?
Also has the senator made up his mind whether to attend the Ending
Homelessness Coalition meeting on July 7th at 9:30 am ?
Thanks any support shown for these persons would be most appreciated by all
Respectfully yours,
Bill Tinker    NHHomeless@egroups.com

We may need to set up some tents here,and get some support by area
activists..What do you say brothers and sisters??
Perhaps squatting here by families is called for !!!???
A Brother
PS This is a sad but true story !!Our Pastor Dennis Murphree
 NewCovenantFell@aol.com  or / 1-603-934-1925 says this needs to be
corrected before 10 days are
up,starting now!
A Brother

                        Lakes Region News
                        Thursday, June 22, 2000

                 Franklin to level buildings

                 Parking lot plan displaces families from apartments

                 By GORDON D. KING

                 Staff Writer

FRANKLIN - Twelve families - 24 adults and 13 children -
will soon be homeless.

 City Councilors voted unanimously on Wednesday to take by
eminent domain three
Franklin Street apartment buildings where the families live.

 The buildings will be demolished to make room for a parking

The vote came after some tenants, the manager who maintains
the buildings, and a church
pastor urged council members not to take the buildings,
saying there is a serious shortage
of rental units in town. They made their feelings known
during a public hearing prior to the
The buildings are owned by Morgan Kraus of Bohemia, N.Y. who
will be notified by certified
letter that the city owns them at the end of 10 days.
"We will then send notices to the tenants to vacate the
buildings," said City Manager
Donna Nashawaty.
Karl Kuehn, building manager, said there is a tremendous
housing shortage in the city,
noting that 50 people responded to a recent apartment for
rent advertisement.
"I realize the buildings are an eyesore and run down. I know
you want to improve the
downtown but displacing 12 families is not the way to do
it," Kuehn said.

 Tenant John Bell asked what was going to happen to people
like him.

"They are some good people there," Bell said.

Rebecca White, another tenant, and the mother of four
children also pleaded with the

 "There is no place else to go. All they need is some fixing
up," White said.

 Pastor Dennis Murphree of the New Covenant Church said there
is a serious housing
problem in Franklin.

 "The owner has expressed a desire to fix the places up," the
pastor said.

Pastor Murphree said he realizes there is trash around the
buildings and people do a lot of
partying in the back yards, but if parking was banned on the
street and there was street
lighting there, the problems could be alleviated.

"It's a drastic step to bulldoze the buildings," the pastor

 Tenant Floyd Angus said the landlord should be given a
period of time to clean up the

"You shouldn't just put people out onto the streets," Angus

 Council members ignored the pleas and did not even discuss
the issue before the vote.

The $148,000 to acquire the buildings is coming from an
undesignated fund in the current

  2000 Geo. J. Foster Co.