[Hpn] Re: [nhhomeless] Local activisim required in Franklin, New Hampshire

Bill Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 13:15:47 -0400

And any one that wants to help these persons will be needing emotional
support and whatever any one can give ..It appears as though Franklin New
Hampshires "motto" "A City On The Move" Is True!
Please contact Pastor Dennis Murphree NEWCOVENANTFELL@aol.com  if any body
wants to lend a hand here in either advocacy or in sending this out to New
Thanks ..
A Brother
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> What the hell is the city council thinking??? By displacing these families
> is just going to cost them in the long run to house them as homeless
> families.  It is yet another case of spending a buck to save a penny.  I
> so sick and tired of cities ripping down buildings in need of repair, that
> house 12 families at a lower rental rate, then put up 3 townhouses to
house 3
> families at a rent that is more then the residents of the previous
> can afford.
> This government is so quick to go and help other countries with their
> yet it gives our low income; elderly; homeless; disabled citizens the
> on a continuous basis.  Makes me so proud to be an American, said with
> sarcasm.  I am native american, guess I should be use to this treatment by
> now, huh?
> Filled with disgust at the actions of our government, once again,     Kim