John Lionheart johnlionheart@mailcity.com
Sun, 18 Jun 2000 17:28:27 -0700

Hey gang,

Re the Minimum Wage Bill now before congress (and other "business" related bills);

Last night i surf/stumbled across a way you can quickly and easily lobby all your congresspeople FOR THE PROPOSED INCREASE IN THE MINIMUM WAGE

You can use the NFIB (national federation of independent business) online congressional zip code finder at:


You just type your zip code in the box provided there, and this opens an email writer that lets you type in subject and message and then auto-emails it to all your congresspeople in Washington, senators and representatives both. 

The NFIB of course expects you to write *against* the bill, but there are no apparent restrains that way, and the message gets delivered as written without  a NFIB tag or anyting - as far as i can tell.. 

If anyone knows of a similar, but more homeless friendy service please let me know, as of course i would rather use that;) But this is so *naughty* i just couldn't pass up telling you about it.

Please forward...

Love, light, peace, and freedom

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