[Hpn] Dissociating From Evil Doesn't Work

M. Emily Cragg compania@hotmail.com
Wed, 14 Jun 2000 16:33:32 +0000 (GMT)

...It's easy to pretend that evil doesn't exist; and
...it's simple to act as if there is no intention to ransack people.
...But the fact is, this economy is built on ransacking the people
...who work to benefit the people who do the deals.
...The fact is also, this economy is built on ransacking the environ-
...ment to benefit the same class of deal-doers.
...And the fact is also, this economy is built on ransacking the
...children's education by teaching stupification, to benefit the same
...class of deal-doers.
...Turning the head another way is not the same as facing reality.
...What forces governance to face reality is the fact
...that small, insignificant people stand down, stand up, and stand FOR
...Justice, Fairness and Mercy, to hell with what laws are at work.
...Now it is recognized that death penalty cases are not working
...out of the need for safety; rather, they operate out of retribution.
...Now it is recognized that schools are incubators for rage and
...violence; yet, no one is willing to take that first step
...toward acknowledging responsibility.
...Now it is recognized that well-placed slander CAN in fact destroy
...the lives of activated, motivated and mobilized political adversaries
...so they cannot make a living.
...And again, turning one's head makes the appearance of evil go away,
...for a time.
...But the time came--before--when the little people spoke up,
...because they had nothing left to lose.
...Watch. It is about to occur once again, that a nobody from nowhere
...will bring evidence, and then
...history will be changed forever.

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