[Hpn] Tom

Sandy Andrews sandra@asu.edu
Sun, 18 Jun 2000 10:35:49 -0700 (MST)

Hi everyone,

Tom called me and asked me to let you know that he is online, reading our 
posts, and OK. However, his mailbox is full, so he can't post. He is 
cleaning out his mailbox, organizing posts etc. and will be right back!

Now, I want to point out that really long posts, and posts with
attachments, help fill up his mailbox quickly because, as "listworker", he
receives extra copies of any post that the software has trouble with. 
Also, if a message bounces from someone else's mailbox (because they've
moved, or because their mailbox is full) Tom receives the bounced message
as well! For every message posted to HPN, 1-5 bounced versions return to
him. So, go on and write as much as your heart wishes, but do think 
about the state of Tom's mailbox when forwarding anything super long. :-) 
You will want to decide whether or not the forwarded item is important 
enough for all to read and whether or not the item belongs in the archives.

Anyway...the message is that he will be back soon.