[Hpn] My story

Bill Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Sun, 18 Jun 2000 07:29:05 -0400

 Hello Group ...
 I'm Tania, 29yo, ... I was born in Indonesia in July '71
I'm the first daughter of my family, I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters
My father was a tourist guide and worked as a travel agent.
Even we didn't own our house (we rent) .. but we have a happy life ..
But .. since my eldest brother born (the 5th child) .. my father left us
Without any message and any money ..
And we only knew that he was married and with another woman.
Can you imagine what happened to my family then .. ?
We have to live with my grand mother (from my mom) ..
My mom could not work .. cause she had to take care of 5 kids ..
Uhm.. I can't describe all my past life .. cause it's too hurtfull ...
(But Thank God) ... He kept our family together, and these kids could go to
 and finished their high school.
Now .. I live with my mom and my son (4yo) ... Even I'm not rich .. I'm
But.. I have a question in my heart .. cause .. now I know .. that my father
lives with
 his friends (he is 62yo now) ..  but he wants to come back to our family
My mom rejects him .. cause she said that he does not deserve to be accepted
home ..
 nor kindness .. he has to pay for what he has done to us ...
(My father has had stroke now .. and can't walk normally)
I don't know what should I do ..
He has made big mistake .. I know that ... but .... I can't stand to see him
that way
He needs help.
But I can't hurt my mom's feeling ...
(I know it will hurt her if I shown her how I care about my father too)
I wish I could bring him back to my home .. but ... (?)
All I can do .. is just send him money ... not much .. but I hope it helps

 That's my life story ... anyone care to give some advice to me ?
I want to help my father without hurting my mom's feeling
Thanks for the attention

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