[Hpn] Fwd: Drums and banners go to Queen's Park

Bonnie Briggs s248_1132@hotmail.com
Sat, 17 Jun 2000 14:11:35 -0700 (PDT)

Hi gang,
  Last Thursday, June 15/2000, OCAP marched on our Provincial Government 
buildings. I'm sending two reports about that day. This one is about what 
happened to the six drums that went on the march, (one being mine). I will 
send the second report in the next e-mail. BTW, my drum is one of the ones 
that survived. However, I had to give up on eof my sticks for a splint after 
the cops broke a protestor's arm.
>  Drums and banners go to Queen's Park
>  Drums and banners go to Queen's Park
>  Drums and banners go to Queen's Park
>  OCAP had six drums and three banners
>  ready at Allan Gardens as we prepared
>  to march to Queen's Park on June 15.
>  The banners read: "Fight to Win,"
>  "Restore the 21.6% cut to welfare,"
>  and "Ontario Coalition Against Poverty."
>  The OCAP drums were experienced. They
>  had been at the "Days of Action" across
>  Ontario, at the OPSEU strike, at the
>  teachers' strike rally at Maple Leaf
>  Gardens, at numerous Citizens For Local
>  Democracy marchs, at some of Mike Harris'
>  campaign rallies and at the March 18,
>  1996, OPSEU blockade of the legislature.
>  One drum was stolen before we left Allan
>  Gardens.  Five drums and three banners
>  marched to Queen's Park.  The "Fight to
>  Win" banner was destroyed by the police.
>  One drummer, a small young woman, was
>  beaten to the ground by the police.
>  Another drummer was pepper sprayed.  A
>  third drummer had his drumstick seized
>  by the police.
>  Three drums and two banners survived.
>  We will be back!
>  Bob Olsen, Toronto
>    .............................................
>    Bob Olsen, Toronto      bobolsen@interlog.com
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