[Hpn] Bio on one of NHHomeless members!

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This woman has a lot of heart and desrves a round of applause for her
humanitarian efforts in her own right...And she is a believer in man
kind..Thank you so very much Bellinda for sharing your story with us!She
would like to come to US on a visa to visit can any one help her?
A Brother

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Hello group =85=20
I=92m Tania =85 29yo =85 I was born in Indonesi in July =9271
I=92m the first daughter of my family, I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters
My father was a tourist guide and worked as a  travel agent.
Even we didn=92t own our house (we rent) .. but we have a happy life
But =85 since my eldest brother born  (the 5th child) .. my father left =
Without any messages and any money =85
And we only knew that he was married and  with another woman =85
Can you imagine what happened to my family then .. ???=20
We have to live with my grand mother (from my mom) =85=20
My mom could not work =85 cause she had to take care of 5 kids ..=20
Uhm=85 I can=92t describe all my past life .. cause it=92s too hurtfull =
(But Thank  God) .. He kept our family together, and these kids could go =
to school ..
and finished their high school)
Now .. I live with my mom & my son (4yo) =85 Even I=92m not rich .. but =
I=92m happy ..
But =85 I have a question in my heart .. cause now I know that my father =
lives with his friend but
He wants to come back to our family .. my mom rejects him .. cause she =
said that he does not deserve to be accepted home
nor kindness =85 he has to pay for what he has done to us ..=20
(My father has had  stroke now .. and .. cant walk normally) =85=20
I don=92t know what should I do =85=20
He has made big mistake .. I know that.. but .. I can=92t stand to see =
him that way .. he needs help
But I can=92t hurt my mom=92s feeling .. (I know it will hurt her if I =
shown her how I care about my father too)
I wish I could bring him back to my home .. but ...
All I can do =85is just send him money .. not much .. but I hope it  =
helps him.

That=92s my life story =85 anyone care to give some advice to me ?
I want to help my father without hurting my mom=92s feeling.
Bellinda  member of NHHomeless@egroups.com=20