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The next necessary step to maintain the momentum of,
expand and carry through to their conclusion the historic
victories in Seattle, Washington D.C., Havana, etc.,
requires an ever more intense involvement and
coordination of ALL progressives of the planet.

These include the thousands of progressive NGOs
worldwide, progressive trade unions, farmers' movements,
peoples movements, minorities, research institutions,
governments, etc., as well as individuals.

At the same time as this global movement must maintain
a flat democratic grassroot structure, it also must have
one common name and one ultimate goal.

The umbrella name appropriately could be

Obviously, no member should give up its  own name.
In each and every name a unique and inventive initiative
appropriate for the specific purpose and situation is laid

In principle, each one of the recognized members will
become a member of ALL of the other organisations, and
in the future carry on its activities on behalf of ALL of
the global movement.

To prove that it is actively fighting in agreement with
the common goal and has been approved as a member
of the movement, it shall have the right to carry the
bracket (MG!) behind its name.

As CIA will do everything to infiltrate, this right to
membership can only be obtained upon recommandation
by already recognized members in the state in question.

Only NGOs that are not funded directly or indirectly in
any way by the corporations or their supranational
organisations or governments may apply.

The common ultimate goal at the same time must be
broad and concrete enough, clearly define the enemy
and thus be phrased as follows:

Transfer of the economic and political power from the
transnational corporations, their mass media monopoly
and their governments, to the peoples.

The worldwide Mobilize Globally movement will

-  empower the total movement and its individual
   members in their various activities and struggles
-  focus on the superior common goal
-  enhance all kinds of cooperation nationally and
-  demonstrate our overwhelming strength when the
   MG! symbol everywhere will catch the eye, and thus
-  attract ever broader circles of people.

A committee composed of well known organisations
points out trustworthy civil society organisations in
each state to be responsible for approval of future
applications for MG! membership.

And the committee also sets up the guidelines for such

For each state an e-mail address is published whereto
applications may be sent.

The names, websites and e-mail addresses of all approved
NGOs, unions, movements, minorities, governments, etc,
are sent to and archived at one website address.

From there anybody can download the lists of approved
MG! s.

In countries with very oppressive regimes, the Internet
correspondance will be encrypted, and the lists will only
be published when sufficiently large numbers of MG! s
have been approved.

Everybody interested, not least well-known organisations
interested in forming part of the initial committees,
please contact us ASAP.

Ecoterra Intl. (MG!)

Insaaf International (MG!)

Jubilee 2000 NY (MG!)

Project Censored (MG!)

The Foundation for Ethics and Meaning (MG!)

The United Peoples (MG!)


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