[Hpn] Please S T O P ** W-H-I-N-I-N-G ** !!!!!

Anitra Freeman anitra@speakeasy.org
Wed, 07 Jun 2000 18:21:19 -0700 (PDT)

Chance, I did not expect this outburst from you.

The membership of this list is homeless and low-income people.  Most
homeless and low-income people do have antiquated computer hardware and
software.  And yes, I do know a few who have pulse-tone phones and can't
access those services that you can only get to through a voice-mail

I thought we were working on decreasing the barriers for homeless and
low-income people to access information, and all of the necessities
for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  I would expect
that to include not setting up such barriers ourselves.

I thought we were trying to increase the respect and dignity given *all*
homeless and low-income people.  I would expect that to include
increasing the amount of respect and dignity we give each other.

Just for the record, it is not just on this list that I have posted the
reasons for avoiding attachments, and how to do so. The same discussion
comes up on technical lists of people who *do* have cutting-edge tech
and are designing for it.  And on *those* lists, plain-text email is
considered the responsible and considerate choice. In fact, plain-text,
no-attachments email is considered "netiquette" on almost any group
email list.

I've got great technology here, myself.  But I am interested in
information, not bells-and-whistles. I am interested in using technology
to do whatever people need, instead of using people to do whatever
technology demands.

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