[Hpn] Re: How to avoid attachments, win friends, and influence people

Curtis Seyfried curtisseyfried@mindspring.com
Tue, 6 Jun 2000 18:43:52 -0400 (EDT)

At 07:41 PM 6/4/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Many people including me automatically delete without opening any email
>with attachements (except for rare occasions when I have previously
>arranged to accept a specific file and am expecting it to come by
>attachment from a known individual.)  Increasing numbers of email lists
>are configured to delete attachments.
>There is more than one reason for this:
>1) Other people with way too much time on their hands have entertained
>themselves by creating destructive viruses that are spread through email
>attachments, even without the knowledge of the person whose email
>address is used to spread the virus.
>2) There are still many people, especially on lists like these with
>diabled and low-income members, who cannot receive or open attachments,
>whose email access is limited, or who pay by the time it takes to
>download the files you send to them.  Personally, I don't think it's a
>friendly thing to do to make some low-income brother or sister pay even
>10 cents extra because I want to send a large amusing graphic, without
>asking first if they want to receive it.
>Sending HTML email causes problems for the folks in category 2 also.  
>Many of us aren't accessing our email through a web browser.  I usually
>use a text-based email reader myself.  HTML email is wasted on me, and I
>usually delete it unread.  Other folks, like the ones using Juno
>accounts, may find themselves paying money for downloading a file they
>can't read.
>There is also more than one way around sending attachments or HTML.
>1) If you want your friends to see a graphic or an HTML file in full
>browser display, send a short description and the web address.
>2) To avoid sending your own email as HTML by default (Outlook is
>notorious for being configured this way unless you deliberately change
>it) change your email settings.  The method will vary according to your
>own email program.  Anyone is welcome to email me personally for help if
>you have any difficulty with doing this.
>3) You can easily send anything written in Word, or on a webpage, or in
>any other format by cut-and-paste.  
>A) Have both your email window and the window with the document you want
>to send open at the same time.
>B) In the window containing the document you want to send, highlight the
>text you want to send.  You can do this by pressing the command key and
>tapping "A" to "select all", or by placing the mouse cursor at the start
>of the text you want then pressing the key (left key on a PC) down and
>holding it while you drag the cursor to the end of the selection you
>C) From the menu, select "Edit/Copy" (the keyboard shorthcut for this is
>usually "Command+C"
>D) In the window containing your email document, place your cursor at
>the point you want to insert the text and click the mouse.  
>E) From the menu, select "Edit/Paste" (the keyboard shorthcut for this
>is usually "Command+P"
>I hope this will help us all decrease the digital divide for
>*everyone*. Leave no one behind -- including people who have older email
>programs than you do! :)

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