[Hpn] Re: NGO / G-77 ALLIANCE !

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Thu, 01 Jun 2000 08:58:16 +0200

Besides the vast majority of positive reactions, we have
also received a few skeptical questions with regard to
cooperating with corrupt regimes.

As many others may share this skepticism, answering
these would seem appropriate :

1)  Do you want the poor countries to stop paying
their so-called "debts" without further so-called
" structural adjustments " imposed by the
IMF / WB / WTO ?

2)  If you do, how do you foresee this to happen
without the involvement of their governments ?

3)  All governments in the North are corrupted by the
corporations, either by direct bribery such as in the US
or in any case by means of the mass media monopoly
of the corporations.

Except for a minority, also the governments in the South
are corrupt.

4) Therefore this project should have two phases:

a)  First we help the G-77 governments with quitting
their " debts ".

b)  Then we help their populations with preventing
their governments from stealing the saved revenue
from the peoples.

5)  The main contradiction of the planet today is the
corporations, their mass media monopoly and their
governments on one side and the peoples on the other

To cope with the corporate rule we have to exploit
all contradictions within the castle of the robber barons
by establishing the necessary alliances.

The decisive struggle will be among the corporations

But another major split is the North / South schism.
And therefore the G-77 alliance is an obvious task.

When we have dealt with the corporations, the time will
have come to deal with the residual corruption.

Ole Fjord Larsen
Secretary, The United Peoples


As the main conclusions: fair trade and cancellation
of the Third World's so called "debts", of the recent
G77 summit in Havanna are identical with those of
Mobilization For Global Justice, an alliance between
the two parties would seem obvious.

We propose that the following letter to the Nigerian
president  who is the present chairman of G77,
be signed by an adequate number of the Global
Mobilization organisations:

" Dear Mr. President,

 Re:  Proposal for cooperation between G77 and the

 With regard to the fundamental debt cancellation and fair
trade issues,  the G77 summit in Havanna once again
confirmed the accordance between the views of the
G77 and the new worldwide anti-globalization movement
that protested WTO / IMF / WB in Seattle and Washington.

A cooperation between the two parties therefore would
seem appropriate in order to achieve our common goals
in the most efficient and speedy way.

The protest movement comprises thousands of
organisations worldwide, but has no one permanently
coordinating structure.

Therefore we cannot claim to speak on behalf of all of the
movement. But in case you would be interested in our
proposal, we shall work for the broadest possible backing.

With regard to debt cancellation, the Jubilee 2000’s
September 26th event in the UN, after collection of
many million signatures worldwide, highlights a
remarkable NGO contribution to morally pressure
the Northern people in power to carry through the
long overdue cancellation of the the debts of the poor

But in case G77 countries without further delay in
solidarity would decide to stop paying their  “debts”
to the rich countries and roll back the “ structural
adjustment programs “,  for example in connection with
publication of the total amount for which the African
countries are going to sue the colonial powers, we shall
be happy to advocate this solution.

It must  of course be foreseen that the consequence of
such steps will be a stop for the aid rendered  by some
of the rich countries.

The total “debts” by far exceeding the total aid, the total
balance however should be very favorable.

And the solidarity fund redistributing the sum of all of
the saved “debt”  payments will prevent a negative
balance for any individual country.

Furthermore, we should be pleased to support any claim
for a kind of new Nürenberg Court such as the International
Crime Court.to prosecute the persons responsible for the
IMF / WB / WTO crimes against humanity.

Another urgent issue of course is the corporate dumping
in the South of poisonous waste materials and products
that are forbidden or unsaleable in the North, such as for
instance baby food and genetically modified seeds and
food stuff.

To reinforce our work we would appreciate very much if the
G77 countries in the future would financially support their
citizens who want to participate in our activities but cannot
afford the travel expenses.

Also we should appreciate renewed efforts by the G-77 Group
to abolish the mandatory visas between the G-77 countries and
between these and the Northern countries, or at least to reduce
the prices of the visas.

Yours  faithfully, "

Please sign on and return the post.

Global Exchange

Insaaf International

The United Peoples