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the absolutely unofficial revolutionary anarchist Clown Bloc Communique

By the absolutely unofficial revolutionary anarchist<

What do we want?

Clown War!

When do we want it?


Welcome! Welcome! Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and others. Welcome
to the American political spectacle: the most abundantly funded,
heavily-armed, and tightly controlled show on Earth!

In the right ring we have the Republicans! See them moralize about
family values, while supporting death and devastation at home and
abroad. In the other right ring: the Democrats! Watch with awe as this
self-proclaimed "party of the environment and the people" supports death
and devastation at home and abroad. See both parties whipped into shape
by the very same ringleaders - the corporations! And of course, let us
not forget the last ring-the third parties. Be amazed as they fight for
peanuts of power, distracting us from accomplishing real change with
dazzling fantasies of reform!

But is it fair to call any of these "parties?" Because no one is having
any fun!

This pathetic show dominates the global circus of life, tricking many
participants into believing they are mere spectators.

Enter the Clowns!

We are enlivening the circus with pie throwing and direct action to stop
the mud slinging and bomb dropping politicians are so fond of. We invite
you (yes you!) to come out of the bleachers and into the streets to
topple their big top! Join us in firing the ringmasters, tearing apart
the rings and transforming the circus to make life a revolutionary
carnival for all.

In the name of the glorious, ongoing, insurrectionary festival of
red-nosed resistance we, the Clowns, are calling for a bloc of all
stripes of silly, ridiculous, anti-authoritarian jesters to take on the
Republican National Convention. We are not, however, calling for a
strictly anarchist clown bloc. We hereby open the call to those who do
not identify as anarcho-clowns, but nonetheless struggle to create the
same revolutionary antics: autonomist fan-dancers, situationist
contortionists, anti-fascist jugglers, council communist hula-hoopers,
wobbly tall-bike riders and stilt walkers, radical cheerleaders,
primitivist fire breathers, and yes, even anti-state libertarian marxist
mimes. Together, we can take back our lives from domination by
elephants, jackasses, ringleaders, and all others. Our intent is not to
be divisive of the larger protests, but to support them by wearing very
large shoes.

Please join us in the streets on August 1st and 2nd to show the
Republicans they're not the only clowns in town.

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