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>From: Andrew Rose <affirmingandy@yahoo.com>
>Subject: design #1  Action Basics 4 hours
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>fyi LA Convergence space is at:
>1919 W. 7th Street, between Westlake & Bonnie Brae
>LA TRAINERS - this is the 'action basic' we are giving twice or
>three times a day here - it addresses some of the concerns
>raised at the ruckus camps trainings intended for people of
>color activists around oppression/liberation issues.
>I like this workshop design so much 'cause it really has been
>effective here in Phila to 'gel' the group - we are seeing
>people form into affinity groups right in the workshops (which
>was a goal) and feedback is 'thanks, I'm feeling much better
>about being in an action' or 'this was really empowering' which
>is great.  Facilitators are reminded to start STRONG - loud,
>keep it moving, maybe bring up ground rules if people are
>interrupting - BACK OFF probably after spectrum exercise and let
>the group have more and more control - make sure questions left
>hanging get answered but if they want to go off track let them -
>empower the group.  After the break hopefully you'll see
>clumping - they are making their own groups and their on their
>We are doing a separate legal/ jail solidarity training with all
>the arrest-jail process role plays and a separate 'advanced
>nonviolent direct action' with NV DA success stories, history,
>role plays, communication skills.  Also separate blockade
>training and medical training.
>curriculum #1  Action Basics 4 hours
>{handouts PDAG Action Guidelines, Affinity Groups, White
>Protesters - Black Cops}
>1. Welcome participants briefly then say "this is a roleplay.
>the police are here and you have 5 minutes to leave, what are
>you going to do." get up and leave the circle.   Listen to
>participants.  After 5 stop it and ask for feelings - expect
>'anxious, confused, angry, empowered' ask for plan - should hear
>'check for warrants, call legal, call media, gather up sensitive
>documents, decide if the space if worth fighting for' - debrief
>mention those feelings are normal, people may be forced to make
>quick decisions with people they don't know, affirm any
>consensus decision making seen especially picking facilitator
>and picking police liason, calling media was helpful to reopen
>puppet space, also picking battles, etc. 
>2.  introduce facilitators briefly then ask for go-around,
>saying 'who you are' and 'how you came to phila', 'issues of
>concern to you' - record major themes, expect prison industry,
>war on drugs, military spending, mumia, peltier, women's rights,
>govt corruption, democratic control, etc.
>recap, emphasize solidarity across the range of issues - that we
>are 'connecting the dots'
>ask participants to go into their heads and try to explain how
>disrupting republican convention will further those issues -
>expect some silence, expect something like 'media attention' -
>ask about why that's important, look for changing people's
>opinions, increasing awareness, - ask 'who are the people we are
>reaching' - expect repubs, public, us, - explain that Direct
>Action is for moving public opinion (the 'middle' to 'us',
>'them' to the 'middle')
>ask folks to reflect on the media coverage in Seattle and DC,
>reach for the 'violent protester' angle and explore how
>'demonstrator behavior' effects coverage.  mention we will
>explore more about property damage later.
>(maybe get into who controls the corporate media, do they
>support the status quo)
>3.  go over Action Guidelines   PDAG Consensus:
>{LA PEOPLE : note these are DIFFERENT from LA (LA includes no
>property damage)}
>Participants are asked to agree to these Action Guidelines.
>Having this basic agreement allows people from many backgrounds,
>movements, and beliefs to work together.  They are not
>philosophical or political requirements or judgements about the
>validity of some tactics over others.  These guidelines are
>basic agreements that create a basis for trust so that we can
>work together for this action and know what we can expect from
>each other.
>The reality is that people of color, queer, and the poor are at
>greater risk of violent arrest and more serious charges when
>engaging in direct action.  We believe that property destruction
>will increase this risk.
>1.  We will not initiate violence towards any living being.
>2.  We will carry no weapons.
>3.  We will not bring or use any alcohol or illegal drugs.
>4.  If arrested, we will encourage solidarity with all activists
>participating in R2K actions and bystanders swept up in our
>Ask for reactions, thoughts - expect that 'my hands are weapons'
>and the whole property destruction thing to come up - mention
>that we will deal with that issue in a moment or let it come up
>in all it's glory.  #4 was about people not wanting to be in
>solidarity with black bloc after some rushed the cops with the
>chain link fence in DC.  encourage don't require solidarity
>4.  agenda review, mention Goals of this workshop :  Prepare for
>action, clarify thinking, deepen solidarity
>5.  Spectrum exercise.  one side of the room in "very OK" other
>side is "very NOT OK" ask folks to get up and clump in the
>middle - ask:
>1. OK/Not OK to go peaceably when arrested
>OK/Not OK to eat meat
>OK/Not OK to hurt an officer while defending yourself from
>getting hurt
>OK/Not OK to destroy property as long as people are not injured
>OK/Not OK to resist arrest by locking down
>OK/Not OK to reach out with goodwill with officer.
>after each question either interview extremes or fold the group
>so extremes talk to each other or ask people to clump and share
>or split the group in the middle and slide so moderates talk to
>extremes - whatever gets the group juicy  -  expect splitting
>hairs 'intentionally hurting or accidentally hurting' - or 'I
>wouldn't eat meat but it's OK for others if they want' and
>especially 'spray painting slogans is different from arson'
>6.  affinity groups - back in one big group ask if people have
>been in affinity groups, chances are they have - ask them to
>brainstorm what they're good for, how they got into one, etc.
>7.  new sheet, brainstorm 'what can split solidarity in an
>affinity group' then '... in society' dig till you get racism,
>sexism, homophobia, etc.
>8. define oppression "... is the intitutionalized, systematic,
>pervasive, day-in, day-out mistreatment of a person based solely
>on: the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their
>gender, their age, or other difference."
>9.. see below
>10.  power shuffle - line 'em up in the middle facing a wall
>shoulder to shoulder
>say "step forward if your euro-american", "if you graduated
>college" ," if it was ivy or liberal -private", "step back if
>your a women, if you are perceived to be gay or are gay, if you
>are jewish" mix it up - SEE CURRICULUM - ASK ME TO EMAIL IT TO
>debrief this with feelings first - expect "guilt" get reactions
>to the usefulness of guilt and affirm folks for being who they
>are and using their priveledge to all of our advantage  - this
>exercise can send people spinning so affirm affirm affirm...
>11.  hand out "White protester, Black Cop" - i'll email this.
>discuss briefly, refer people to White People Working Against
>Racism or People of Color Caucus if you're doing it (do it).
>(I like it here but it's 9.)  in circle or groups of 5 - 8 go
>round "one way I have stood up for people who've been
>targetted."  this can be very powerful - acknowledge heroes -
>people lose friends and family relations for opposing the norm,
>which is oppression.
>12.  BREAK - hopefully Seeds of Peace brought some yummy tempe -
>rice - black bean chile, else go over to the 7-11 and get a beef
>bbq (ha ha ha ha ha)
>13.   direct action role play , the usual blockade cops -
>demonstrators, press, delegate roles - make sure you debrief
>around 'have something to say to the press'  - mention media
>training - get people familiar with 'staying ON MESSAGE.'
>14.  tactics brain storm - let people tell stories of creative
>actions they've been in
>15. medical - legal - jail solidarity rap - let people who've
>been in jail and want to talk about solidarity do so - it's been
>VERY powerful and motivating - people are heroes after going
>through jail in seattle or DC - it was rough.
>16. circle close - one word expressing an attitude or state of
>mind I'd like to bring to the action.
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