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>Jail supports counts 2 arrests so far.
>Slew of Protests Bubble on Convention Fringes
>. health care . gun violence . abortion clinic defense .  400
>virgins . sweatshops
>quicker access to news articles that have appeared in mass media
>http://www.phillyimc.org  http://www.indymedia.org
>web based independent coverage
>good will: City gives demonstrators a place to stay (with a
>swimming pool):
>AP report: Protesters take to the streets  (activists attempt to
>dump manure)
>http://www.behindthelabel.org   more on NIKE  (not up yet)
>Students, workers protest at Lord & Taylor
>    More than 100 students and workers gathered on the ground
>floor of Lord & Taylor in the old Wanamaker building at 13th and
>Market streets Saturday at 11:30 a.m. to protest working
>conditions and exploitation in the clothing and apparel
>"professional nonaggressive arrests"
>you may have to register to access new york times - should still
>be free
>"Mr. Street said that was merely a light-hearted summary of a
>serious point: Philadelphia intends to welcome peaceful
>protesters and accommodate nonviolent civil disobedience with
>professional nonaggressive arrests. But this city also intends
>to protect its hospitality and  property from the sort of masked
>vandals who marauded through downtown Seattle in December during
>the meeting of the World Trade Organization. "
>The @#$#$&* military breaks law and displays fancy expensive
>murderous toys for daddy...  makes me so angry...
>"But other defense officials, who asked not to be identified,
>said that the armed services could hardly opt out of a request
>that they parade their wares in front of dozens of members of
>Congress, which controls the military's purse strings. "
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